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Amazon considers unusual new delivery method

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- Rachel Reeves |
By Aaron Dickens, Buzz60

Have you ever seen a package drop out of the sky via a parachute? It may seem far-fetched, but Amazon doesn't seem to think so.

The company just got a patent from the U.S. government for potential delivery options and one of them includes a drone that would parachute-drop an item right to your door.

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In past demo videos Amazon solely used a drone to deliver packages, but now it appears that keeping the devices high in the sky could be safer and faster.

If the box strays off course, Amazon says the drone could send a message to the parachute device itself to keep it in line.

The company has not yet commented on when we could see drones making actual deliveries.

We can't wait for the day when you can order a pizza and see it fall out of the sky!

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