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Denny's responds to Twitter users who say its mascot looks like a 'turd'

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Denny's has taken to Twitter to respond to people who believe the chain's sausage mascot looks like something far less savory. 

The sausage saga started last week, when a Twitter user called the mascot the "Denny's turd." 


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Things escalated on Twitter from there, with people reporting their own Denny's turd sightings. 

Finally, on Wednesday, Denny's responded.

The chain's Twitter account posted an image of the sausage and a slice of bacon, with the caption "i’m just a sausage... i can’t help the way i look."  

Denny's sausage mascot has actually been used in marketing since 2014, when the chain debuted its "Grand Slams" gang of mascots. The mascot's name is "Sausage" and is distinguished from other sausages (or turds) by his arms, legs, and jaunty hat. 

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