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After Math: Reach out and touch someone

CH Response time: 0.0001678466796875
Total Response time: 0.13089895248413
- Andrew Tarantola | Engadget
It's been a telling week for communications. Chinese scientists bounced quantum entangled photons into space and back, McDonald's recruited new hires through Snapchat, and it would appear that North Korea has had its fingers in everybody's cyber-pies since 2009. Numbers, because how how else are you going to work the keypad?

After Math: June 18th 2017

  • 13 years
    That's how long  Kaj Linna spent in a Swedish prison, wrongfully accused of robbery and murder, before being released thanks to a True Murder-style investigation by a pair of journalists.
  • $200
    That's how much money webcast distributor CamSoda wants to pay you to stream your life online. It's not enough to pay your rent but at least on-camera sex is only optional.
  • 750 miles
    That's how far a team from China's National Academy of Science beamed an entangled pair of photons by first shooting them 745 miles into the sky and bouncing them back down to Earth. This smashed the previous record of just 150 horizontal miles.
  • Freeish
    That's how little it will cost folks roaming throughout the EU now that carriers agreed to the scheme. You'll still be charged if you try to abuse the system, though overage fees are currently capped at €7.70 per GB and expected to decline over the next few years.
  • 20 months
    That's how long inmates had been reprieved from being reamed with $14/minute calling fees in state and federal prisons before the FCC reversed that decision. Another win for America ('s privately owned inmate calling service providers).
  • 8 years
    That's how long the US Intelligence Community thinks that North Korea hacking teams have been all up in the rest of the world's respective businesses.
  • 250,000
    That's how many people McDonald's hopes to hire this summer through it's partnership with Snapchat and their "Snaplications".

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