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Twitter Is Buzzing With Donald Trump 'Space Alien' Rumors

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- Alan Singer | HuffPost
Over the weekend Twitter was buzzing with rumors that Donald Trump is a “space alien.” [Note: Quotation marks mean I can write whatever I want and it does not have to be true.]

The rumors started with questions about the validity of Trump’s birth certificate. It was fueled by a SNL “documentary” about an alien invasion of Earth and possible Trump complicity.Trump’s erratic behavior and strange tweets feed into the rumors. The White House and Fox News remain silent raising suspicion that they are hiding something. Lately there has been concern in some quarters that if Trump is an extra-terrestrial he was elected illegally and could be deported as an undocumented alien back to his home planet. According to informed sources, it is still unclear which planet it might be.Many questions remain to be answered. Is Trump’s outrageous behavior a ploy to divert attention from alien infiltration? Does Trump’s strange “hair” cover evidence of off-Earth origin?Was space scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson warning us?Which side is space veteran George Takei on?

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