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‘Daily Show’ Perfectly Illustrates Why Pageant Contestants Are Smarter Than Trump

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- Elyse Wanshel | HuffPost
If Sunday’s Miss America pageant taught us anything, it’s that those beauties certainly have brains.

During the Q&A portion of the competition, contestants nailed responses to pressing, topical issues that ranged from the United States backing out of the Paris Agreement to the Russia investigation.

In fact, Miss Texas, Margana Wood, got a lot of attention on Monday for her response to a question about Charlottesville, Virginia. She managed to condemn the violence and slam President Donald Trump within 20 seconds.

In response to the contestants’ thoughtful and well-prepared answers to important questions, “The Daily Show” came up with a new explanation for why Trump might have wanted to walk into these bright, young women’s dressing rooms during competitions. And it’s a winner.

Check out the hilarious theory in the clip above.

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