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Look At What's Happening In America In 2017

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- Jenna Amatulli | HuffPost
In the past few days, thousands white supremacists have taken over Charlottesville, Virginia, for a “Unite The Right” rally. The rally has also attracted plenty of counter-protesters, namely Antifa ― a fringe left radical group that stands for “Anti-fascism.”

Violence and chaos has since ensued on both sides. The governor declared a state of emergency early Saturday morning. 

Charlottesville has become a city under siege. 

In looking at photographs and video of the happenings in Virginia, you would think you’ve gone back in time to the Civil Rights era. They are clear indications that racism, anti-Semitism, sexism ― pure, unfiltered hatred ― is still thriving in America in 2017. 

If you’re thinking, “It’s not that bad,” then you’re not paying attention. Let the photos speak for themselves. This is the world we live in and we must do better:

Neo-Nazis and white supremacists encircle and chant at counter-protesters at the base of a Thomas Jefferson statue on Aug. 11, 2017, after marching with torches through the University of Virginia campus in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Neo-Nazis and white supremacists take part in the "Unite the Right" rally.

The group marched through the University of Virginia campus with torches.

A man wears Nazi regalia before the "Unite the Right" rally.

Counter-protesters arrive at the "Unite the Right" rally.

White supremacists carry Nazi flags on Aug. 12, 2017.

A white supremacist carries the Confederate flag as he walks past counter-demonstrators.

White nationalists march through the street.

A sign on a business in downtown Charlottesville, Virginia.

Police arrive at the scene of protests after a state of emergency is announced in Charlottesville, Virginia.

A man is down during a clash between white nationalist protesters and a group of counter-protesters.

White nationalists and counter-protesters clash.

A protester receives first-aid during a clash between white nationalists and counter-protesters.

A man makes a slashing motion across his throat toward counter-protesters as he marches with other white nationalists and neo-Nazis during the "Unite the Right" rally.

A white supremacist stands behind militia members after he scuffled with a counter-demonstrator.

Virginia State Police use pepper spray as they move in during a clash between white nationalist protesters and counter-protesters.

Hundreds of white nationalists and neo-Nazis march down East Market Street toward Lee Park during the "Unite the Right" rally.

A smoke bomb is thrown at a group of counter-protesters.

Virginia State Troopers stand under a statue of Robert E. Lee. White nationalists descended on Charlottesville to protest the statue's removal.

Anti-fascist counter-protesters wait outside Lee Park to hurl insults as white nationalists and neo-Nazis are forced out after the "Unite the Right" rally was declared an unlawful gathering.

A group of counter-protesters rally against white nationalists.

A man is seen with an injury during a clash between white nationalists and counter-protesters.

Protesters and counter-protesters after being pepper-sprayed and/or maced.

David Duke (C), participates in the white nationalist rally.

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