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1959 CFL season

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1959 CFL season
Regular season
DurationJune, 1959 – October, 1959
Start dateNovember 4, 1959
East ChampionsHamilton Tiger-Cats1959-11-21
West ChampionsWinnipeg Blue Bombers1959-11-14
47th Grey Cup
DateNovember 28, 1959
SiteExhibition Stadium, Toronto
ChampionsWinnipeg Blue Bombers
1958 CFL seasons 1960

The 1959 CFL season was the sixth season in modern Canadian professional football, although officially it was the second season of the Canadian Football League.

Regular season

Final regular season standings

Note: GP = Games Played, W = Wins, L = Losses, T = Ties, PF = Points For, PA = Points Against, Pts = Points

Western Interprovincial Football Union
Winnipeg Blue Bombers16124041827224
Edmonton Eskimos16106037022120
BC Lions1697030630118
Calgary Stampeders1688035630116
Saskatchewan Roughriders1611502125672
Interprovincial Rugby Football Union
Hamilton Tiger-Cats14104029816220
Ottawa Rough Riders1486027521716
Montreal Alouettes1468019330512
Toronto Argonauts1441001922748
  • Bold text means that they have clinched the playoffs.
  • Winnipeg and Hamilton both have first round byes.

Grey Cup playoffs

Note: All dates in 1959


Western Semi-Finals – Game 1
Edmonton Eskimos @ BC Lions
November 4?Edmonton Eskimos 20BC Lions 8
Western Semi-Finals – Game 2
BC Lions @ Edmonton Eskimos
November 7?BC Lions 7Edmonton Eskimos 41
  • Edmonton won the total-point series by 61–15. The Eskimos will play the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in the Western Finals.
Eastern Semi-Finals
Montreal Alouettes @ Ottawa Rough Riders
November 7Montreal Alouettes 0Ottawa Rough Riders 43
  • The Rough Riders will play the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in the Eastern Finals.


Western Finals – Game 1
Winnipeg Blue Bombers @ Edmonton Eskimos
November 11Winnipeg Blue Bombers 19Edmonton Eskimos 11
Western Finals – Game 2
Edmonton Eskimos @ Winnipeg Blue Bombers
November 14Edmonton Eskimos 8Winnipeg Blue Bombers 16
  • Winnipeg wins the best of three series 2–0. The Blue Bombers will advance to the Grey Cup game.
Eastern Finals – Game 1
Hamilton Tiger-Cats @ Ottawa Rough Riders
November 14Hamilton Tiger-Cats 5Ottawa Rough Riders 17
Eastern Finals – Game 2
Ottawa Rough Riders @ Hamilton Tiger-Cats
November 21Ottawa Rough Riders 7Hamilton Tiger-Cats 21
  • Hamilton won the total-point series by 26–24. The Tiger-Cats will advance to the Grey Cup game.

Playoff bracket

 Semifinals  Finals  47th Grey Cup
 East  E2Ottawa Rough Riders17-7 
 E3Montreal Alouettes0  E1Hamilton Tiger Cats5-21  
 E2Ottawa Rough Riders43    E1Hamilton Tiger Cats7
   W1Winnipeg Blue Bombers21
 West  W2Edmonton Eskimos11-8  
 W3BC Lions8-7  W1Winnipeg Blue Bombers19-16 
 W2Edmonton Eskimos20-41 


Grey Cup Championship

November 28

47th Annual Grey Cup Game: Exhibition StadiumToronto, Ontario

Western ChampionsEastern Champions
Winnipeg Blue Bombers 21Hamilton Tiger-Cats 7
The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are the 1959 Grey Cup Champions
  • Note: Western Semi-Final dates are not confirmed, however since [1] the regular season ended October 26 in the West, and October 31 in the East, and [2] all other playoff dates, as well as the Grey Cup date are accurate, it is reasonable to assume the above dates are accurate.

CFL Leaders

1959 Eastern All-Stars



1959 Western All-Stars



1959 CFL Awards

1959 Miss Grey Cup

  • Miss BC Lions Anna Finlayson was named Miss Grey Cup 1959


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