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1993 NFL season

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1993 National Football League season
Regular season
DurationSeptember 5, 1993 (1993-09-05) – January 3, 1994
Start dateJanuary 8, 1994
AFC ChampionsBuffalo Bills
NFC ChampionsDallas Cowboys
Super Bowl XXVIII
DateJanuary 30, 1994
SiteGeorgia Dome, Atlanta, Georgia
ChampionsDallas Cowboys
Pro Bowl
DateFebruary 6, 1994
SiteAloha Stadium

The 1993 NFL season was the 74th regular season of the National Football League. It was the only season in league history where all NFL teams played their 16-game schedule over a span of 18 weeks. After the success of expanding the regular season to a period of 17 weeks in 1990, the league hoped this new schedule would generate even more revenue. This was also done to avoid scheduling playoff games on January 1 and competing with College football Bowl games. However, teams felt that having two weeks off during the regular season was too disruptive for their weekly routines, and thus it reverted to 17 weeks immediately after the season ended.

When new TV contracts were signed in December 1993, CBS lost their rights to broadcasting NFC games to the then-fledgling Fox Network.

The season ended with Super Bowl XXVIII when the Dallas Cowboys defeated the Buffalo Bills 30-13 for the second consecutive year at the Georgia Dome. This remains the only time both Super Bowl participants have been the same for consecutive years. The Cowboys became the first team to win a Super Bowl after losing their first two regular season games. This game also marked the fourth and final Super Bowl loss by the Bills.

Major rule changes

  • The Play Clock (the time limit the offensive team has to snap the ball between plays) was reduced from 45 seconds to 40 seconds (the time interval after time outs and other administrative stoppages remained 25 seconds).
  • Ineligible receiver down field prior to a forward pass foul was added.
  • The passer could now legally throw a pass away, without any offensive player having a chance to catch the ball, as long as they are out of the pocket and the ball lands beyond the line of scrimmage.
  • The player taking a snap from the center, upon receiving the ball, can immediately throw the football directly into the ground to stop the game clock.

Final regular season standings

W = Wins, L = Losses, PCT = Winning Percentage, PF= Points For, PA = Points Against

Clinched playoff seeds are marked in parentheses and shaded in green. No ties occurred this season.

AFC East
(1) Buffalo Bills124.750329242
Miami Dolphins97.563349351
New York Jets88.500270247
New England Patriots511.313238286
Indianapolis Colts412.250189378
AFC Central
(2) Houston Oilers124.750368238
(6) Pittsburgh Steelers97.563308281
Cleveland Browns79.438304307
Cincinnati Bengals313.188187319
AFC West
(3) Kansas City Chiefs115.688328291
(4) Los Angeles Raiders106.625306326
(5) Denver Broncos97.563373284
San Diego Chargers88.500322290
Seattle Seahawks610.375280314
NFC East
(1) Dallas Cowboys124.750376229
(4) New York Giants115.688288205
Philadelphia Eagles88.500293315
Phoenix Cardinals79.438326269
Washington Redskins412.250230345
NFC Central
(3) Detroit Lions106.625298292
(5) Minnesota Vikings97.563277290
(6) Green Bay Packers97.563340282
Chicago Bears79.438234230
Tampa Bay Buccaneers511.313237376
NFC West
(2) San Francisco 49ers106.625473295
New Orleans Saints88.500317343
Atlanta Falcons610.375316385
Los Angeles Rams511.313221367


  • Buffalo was the top AFC playoff seed based on head-to-head victory over Houston (1–0).
  • Denver was the second AFC Wild Card ahead of Pittsburgh and Miami, based on better conference record (8–4 to Steelers' 7–5 to Dolphins' 6–6).
  • Pittsburgh was the third AFC Wild Card based on head-to-head victory over Miami (1–0).
  • San Francisco was the second NFC playoff seed based on head-to-head victory over Detroit (1–0).
  • Minnesota finished ahead of Green Bay in the NFC Central based on head-to-head sweep (2–0).


Jan. 9 – Giants Stadium Jan. 15 – Candlestick Park     
 5 Minnesota 10
 4 NY Giants 3
 4 NY Giants 17  Jan. 23 – Texas Stadium
 2 San Francisco 44 
Jan. 8 – Pontiac Silverdome 2 San Francisco 21
Jan. 16 – Texas Stadium
  1 Dallas 38 
 6 Green Bay 28NFC Championship
 6 Green Bay 17
 3 Detroit 24 Jan. 30 – Georgia Dome
 1 Dallas 27 
Wild Card playoffs 
Divisional playoffs
Jan. 8 – Arrowhead Stadium N1 Dallas 30
Jan. 16 – Astrodome
  A1 Buffalo 13
 6 Pittsburgh 24Super Bowl XXVIII
 3 Kansas City 28
 3 Kansas City 27*  Jan. 23 – Rich Stadium
 2 Houston 20 
Jan. 9 – Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum 3 Kansas City 13
Jan. 15 – Rich Stadium
  1 Buffalo 30 
 5 Denver 24AFC Championship
 4 LA Raiders 23
 4 LA Raiders 42 
 1 Buffalo 29 

* Indicates overtime victory


Most Valuable PlayerEmmitt Smith, Running Back, Dallas
Coach of the YearDan Reeves, NY Giants
Offensive Player of the YearJerry Rice, Wide Receiver, San Francisco
Defensive Player of the YearRod Woodson, Cornerback, Pittsburgh
Offensive Rookie of the YearJerome Bettis, Running Back, LA Rams
Defensive Rookie of the YearDana Stubblefield, Defensive tackle, San Francisco

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