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1997 World Championships in Athletics – Men's 1500 metres

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These are the official results of the Men's 1.500 metres event at the 1997 World Championships in Athens, Greece. There were a total number of 44 participating athletes, with four qualifying heats, two semifinals and the final held on Wednesday 6 August 1997.

The final was a slow, tactical race from the start, with Morceli tracking El Guerrouj all the way. Estevez tried to slow the pace down even further in the second lap to allow Cacho to save energy for his fast sprint finish. With the whole field still bunched up with 600m to go, El Guerrouj put on a burst of speed which only Morceli and Cacho were able to follow, but eventually, they too were dropped as El Guerrouj wound up the pace faster and faster. Cacho sprinted past Morceli in the home straight, and the dispirited defending champion slowed down towards the finish, allowing Estevez to pip him at the line for the bronze medal.



  • Held on Sunday 1997-08-03
31 Reyes Estévez (ESP)3:36.20Q
32 Azzeddine Seddiki (MAR)3:36.40Q
33 Mohamed Suleiman (QAT)3:36.64Q
34 Graham Hood (CAN)3:36.69Q
45 Hicham El Guerrouj (MAR)3:36.72Q
36 Steve Holman (USA)3:36.72Q
37 Robert Kiplagat Andersen (DEN)3:36.77q
48 Fermin Cacho (ESP)3:37.16Q
19 Noureddine Morceli (ALG)3:37.26Q
110 Andrey Zadorozhniy (RUS)3:37.28Q
111 John Mayock (GBR)3:37.37Q
112 Kevin Sullivan (CAN)3:37.42Q
413 Ali Hakimi (TUN)3:37.43Q
414 Nadir Bosch (FRA)3:37.45Q
415 Gennaro Di Napoli (ITA)3:37.50Q
116 Niall Bruton (IRL)3:37.57Q
117 Antonio Travassos (POR)3:37.70q
118 Saïd Chébili (FRA)3:37.75q
319 Branko Zorko (CRO)3:37.99q
420 Ahmed Krama (ALG)3:38.02
121 Julius Achon (UGA)3:38.21
422 Matthew Yates (GBR)3:38.34
323 Alexandru Vasile (ROM)3:39.01
424 Piotr Rostkowski (POL)3:39.52
225 Rudiger Stenzel (GER)3:40.17Q
425 Jason Pyrah (USA)3:40.17
227 Kevin Mckay (GBR)3:40.25Q
428 Panagiotis Papoulias (GRE)3:40.30
229 Driss Maazouzi (MAR)3:40.39Q
230 Isaac Viciosa (ESP)3:40.41Q
231 Laban Rotich (KEN)3:40.43Q
232 Vyacheslav Shabunin (RUS)3:40.46
233 Abdelkader Chekhemani (FRA)3:41.02
234 Mohamed Ibrahim Aden (SOM)3:41.23
235 Ali Saïdi-Sief (ALG)3:41.48
236 Babiker Mohammed Yagoub (SUD)3:41.54
137 John Kibowen (KEN)3:41.69
238 José López (VEN)3:42.83
139 Balázs Tölgyesi (HUN)3:44.16
140 Alexis Sharangabo (RWA)3:44.95
341 Luis Feiteira (POR)3:45.37
442 Shane Healy (IRL)3:50.64
343 Scott Petersen (AUS)3:50.65
344 Brent Butler (GUM)3:58.29


  • Held on Monday 1997-08-04
21 Noureddine Morceli (ALG)3:38.82Q
22 Reyes Estevez (ESP)3:38.86Q
23 Fermín Cacho (ESP)3:38.86Q
14 Hicham El Guerrouj (MAR)3:38.92Q
25 Robert Kiplagat Andersen (DEN)3:38.92Q
26 Laban Rotich (KEN)3:38.92Q
27 Nadir Bosch (FRA)3:39.01q
28 Graham Hood (CAN)3:39.13q
19 Mohamed Suleiman (QAT)3:39.15Q
210 Gennaro di Napoli (ITA)3:39.45
111 Ali Hakimi (TUN)3:39.50Q
112 Rüdiger Stenzel (GER)3:39.62Q
113 John Mayock (GBR)3:39.69Q
114 Kevin Sullivan (CAN)3:39.84
115 Steve Holman (USA)3:39.97
216 Driss Maazouzi (MAR)3:39.99
217 Azzeddine Seddiki (MAR)3:40.15
218 Kevin McKay (GBR)3:40.21
119 Branko Zorko (CRO)3:41.63
120 Saïd Chébili (FRA)3:41.95
121 Antonio Travassos (POR)3:42.01
222 Andrey Zadorozhniy (RUS)3:42.61
123 Niall Bruton (IRL)3:47.51
1 Isaac Viciosa (ESP)DNF


Gold medal icon.svg Hicham El Guerrouj (MAR)3:35.83
Silver medal icon.svg Fermín Cacho (ESP)3:36.63
Bronze medal icon.svg Reyes Estevez (ESP)3:37.26
4. Noureddine Morceli (ALG)3:37.37
5. Ali Hakimi (TUN)3:37.51
6. Mohamed Suleiman (QAT)3:37.53
7. Graham Hood (CAN)3:37.55
8. Robert Kiplagat Andersen (DEN)3:37.66
9. John Mayock (GBR)3:38.67
10. Rüdiger Stenzel (GER)3:38.82
11. Laban Rotich (KEN)3:41.27
12. Nadir Bosch (FRA)3:48.35

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