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1997 World Championships in Athletics – Men's decathlon

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Events at the
1997 World Championships
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Track events
100 m men women
200 mmenwomen
400 mmenwomen
800 mmenwomen
1500 mmenwomen
5000 mmenwomen
10,000 mmenwomen
100 m hurdleswomen
110 m hurdlesmen
400 m hurdlesmenwomen
3000 m
4×100 m relaymenwomen
4×400 m relaymenwomen
Road events
10 km walkwomen
20 km walkmen
50 km walkmen
Field events
Long jumpmenwomen
Triple jumpmenwomen
High jumpmenwomen
Pole vaultmen
Shot putmenwomen
Discus throwmenwomen
Javelin throwmenwomen
Hammer throwmen
Combined events

These are the official results of the Men's Decathlon competition at the 1997 World Championships in Athens, Greece. There were a total number of 34 participating athletes, including fourteen non-finishers. The competition started on August 5, 1997, and ended on August 6, 1997.


GoldCzech Republic Tomáš Dvořák
Czech Republic (CZE)
SilverFinland Eduard Hämäläinen
Finland (FIN)
BronzeGermany Frank Busemann
Germany (GER)


Tuesday, August 5
  1. 100 m
  2. Long Jump
  3. Shot Put
  4. High Jump
  5. 400 m
Wednesday, August 6
  1. 110 m hurdles
  2. Discus Throw
  3. Pole Vault
  4. Javelin Throw
  5. 1,500 m


Standing records prior to the 1997 World Athletics Championships
World Record Dan O'Brien (USA)8891September 5, 1992France Talence, France
Event Record Dan O'Brien (USA)8817August 20, 1993Germany Stuttgart, Germany
Season Best Steve Fritz (USA)8604June 13, 1997United States Indianapolis, United States


  The highest mark recorded in each event is highlighted in yellow
1st, gold medalist(s) Tomáš Dvořák (CZE)10,607.6416.322.0047,5613,6145.165.0070.344.35,408837
2nd, silver medalist(s) Eduard Hämäläinen (FIN)10,817.5615.711.9746,7113,7450.505.2059.824.37,108730
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Frank Busemann (GER)10,767.9613.532.0948,3213,5542.565.0063.924.29,278652
4 Steve Fritz (USA)10,967.3014.412.0048,7014,0848.885.0065.244.31,148463
5 Ramil Ganiyev (UZB)10,947.5814.762.0648,3414,3546.045.3055.144.36,788445
6 Erki Nool (EST)10,677.3714.331.9146,9914,6643.205.4065.844.42,988413
7 Stefan Schmid (GER)10,937.5814.581.9748,1414,4944.385.0067.464.43,208360
8 Michael Smith (CAN)11,047.2517.542.0349,6714,6847.804.8065.584.54,998307
9 Roman Šebrle (CZE)10,917.7114.332.0948,1614,3243.324.2064.764.40,318232
10 Klaus Isekenmeier (GER)11,057.5614.281.9148,5614,4047.884.6065.844.42,548180
11 Indrek Kaseorg (EST)11,397.1613.872.0348,6614,4941.644.9063.344.20,828140
12 Philipp Huber (SUI)11,087.1814.291.8548,0014,6544.885.0058.224.20,908107
13 Cédric Lopez (FRA)11,217.1313.482.0948,8814,7540.964.6064.884.25,968047
14 Marcel Dost (NED)10,977.4513.611.9147,9914,4942.425.2051.804.36,688040
15 Francisco Javier Benet (ESP)11,047.1913.662.0348,4914,5643.304.5055.924.33,657929
16 Prodromos Korkizoglou (GRE)10,777.2913.282.0049,5914,4744.464.8054.944.58,447867
17 Victor Houston (BAR)10,727.5712.822.0347,9113,9233.563.5062.104.32,307777
18 Mário Aníbal (POR)11,097.0314.572.0349,7315,2844.284.6053.704.39,657768
19 Pierre-Alexandre Vial (FRA)11.027.1113.351.8848,8714,8343.264.8053.704.42,297708
20 Oleg Veretelnikov (UZB)11,107.3213.931.8548,8515,3939.704.4060.284.25,687698
 Chris Huffins (USA)10.397.8515.282.0649,0514,0449.224.60NMDNSDNF
 Jagan Hames (AUS)11.117.2714.0849,9214,3646.68DNFDNF
 Lev Lobodin (RUS)11.077.0715.0049,0214,3844.78DNFDNF
 Beniamino Poserina (ITA)11.106.9314.041.9149,9914,5638.42DNSDNF
 Robert Změlík (CZE)10.847.2814.3849,39DNF45.72DNSDNF
 Sebastian Chmara (POL)11.177.5615.2148,24DNF
 Sébastien Levicq (FRA)11.257.0113.581.9453,43DNF
 Jón Arnar Magnússon (ISL)10.617.4215.052.00DNSDNF
 Jaime Peñas (ESP)11.087.1615.33DNSDNF
 Shawn Wilbourn (USA)10.886.9414.851.91DNSDNF
 Rojs Piziks (LAT)11.776.7914.05DNSDNF
 Alper Kasapoğlu (TUR)11.286.9113.991.85DNSDNF
 Doug Pirini (NZL)10.937.1714.38NMDNF
 Jack Rosendaal (NED)11.276.9412.73DNF

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