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1997 World Championships in Athletics – Women's 10,000 metres

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The women's 10,000 metres event featured at the 1997 World Championships in Athens, Greece. There were a total number of 34 participating athletes, with two qualifying heats on 2 August and the final being held on 5 August 1997.



First 8 of each Heat (Q) and the next 4 fastest (q) qualified for the Final.

12Berhane Adere Ethiopia32:05.29Q, SB
22Fernanda Ribeiro Portugal32:05.65Q
32Sally Barsosio Kenya32:05.68Q, SB
42Gete Wami Ethiopia32:05.73Q
52Masako Chiba Japan32:05.76Q
62Yang Siju China32:06.12Q, SB
72Colleen De Reuck South Africa32:09.56Q
82Hiromi Masuda Japan32:11.63Q
92Julia Vaquero Spain32:12.25q
102Annette Peters United States32:14.08q
112Chantal Dallenbach France32:49.40q
122Marleen Renders Belgium33:02.37q
131Nora Leticia Rocha Mexico33:07.09Q
141Annemari Sandell Finland33:07.50Q
151Ren Xiujuan China33:08.12Q, SB
161Silvia Sommaggio Italy33:08.19Q
171Tegla Loroupe Kenya33:08.20Q
181Chiemi Takahashi Japan33:08.26Q
191Zahia Dahmani France33:08.68Q
201Elana Meyer South Africa33:09.70Q
212Helena Sampaio Portugal33:14.85
221Khrysostomia Iakovou Greece33:14.86
231Olivera Jevtić Yugoslavia33:18.42
241Derartu Tulu Ethiopia33:25.99
252Adriana Fernández Mexico33:40.09
262Kylie Risk Australia33:56.48SB
271Gwyn Coogan United States34:06.34
282Maysa Matrood Iraq35:44.93NR
291Yvonne Danson Singapore37:19.51
301Ela Esperanza Obono Equatorial Guinea45:13.69
1Marina Bastos PortugalDNF
1Nyla Carroll New ZealandDNF


Med 1.png Sally Barsosio (KEN)31:32.92
Med 2.png Fernanda Ribeiro (POR)31:39.15
Med 3.png Masako Chiba (JPN)31:41.93
4. Berhane Adere (ETH)31:48.95
5. Ren Xiujuan (CHN)31:50.63
6. Tegla Loroupe (KEN)32:00.93
7. Yang Siju (CHN)32:01.61
8. Colleen De Reuck (RSA)32:03.81
9. Silvia Sommaggio (ITA)32:16.92
10. Chiemi Takahashi (JPN)32:23.61
11. Nora Rocha (MEX)32:34.58
12. Julia Vaquero (ESP)32:36.91
13. Annette Peters (USA)32:43.38
14. Chantal Dallenbach (FRA)32:51.20
15. Annemari Sandell (FIN)33:00.11
16. Hiromi Masuda (JPN)33:03.14
17. Elana Meyer (RSA)33:05.82
 Marleen Renders (BEL)DNF
 Zahia Dahmani (FRA)DNF
 Gete Wami (ETH)DNF

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