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1997 World Championships in Athletics – Women's discus throw

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These are the official results of the Women's Discus Throw event at the 1997 IAAF World Championships in Athens, Greece. There were a total number of 29 participating athletes, with two qualifying groups and the final held on Thursday August 7, 1997. The qualifying round was held on Tuesday August 5, 1997, with the mark set at 62.00 metres.


GoldNew Zealand Beatrice Faumuina
New Zealand (NZL)
SilverBelarus Ellina Zvereva
Belarus (BLR)
BronzeRussia Natalya Sadova
Russia (RUS)


Qualification Round
Group AGroup B
05.08.1997 – 08:10h05.08.1997 – 09:50h
Final Round
07.08.1997 – 18:10h


  • All results shown are in metres
Qautomatic qualification
qqualification by rank
DNSdid not start
NMno mark
WRworld record
ARarea record
NRnational record
PBpersonal best
SBseason best


Group A

13 Irina Yatchenko (BLR)65.0065.00 m
24 Beatrice Faumuina (NZL)XX64.5864.58 m
35 Stella Tsikouna (GRE)58.6258.9061.5261.52 m
48 Nicoleta Grasu (ROM)60.16X60.4460.44 m
59 Larisa Korotkevich (RUS)60.30X59.6860.30 m
610 Lisa-Marie Vizaniari (AUS)60.2859.2057.8660.28 m
711 Agnese Maffeis (ITA)59.9458.9655.4459.94 m
814 Liu Fengying (CHN)X56.1259.5059.50 m
917 Alice Matejková (CZE)X58.9655.7058.96 m
1021 Suzy Powell-Roos (USA)54.2252.7052.6254.22 m
1122 Shelley Drew (GBR)53.9652.14X53.96 m
1223 Tsvetanka Khristova (BUL)X53.6449.5653.64 m
1324 Areti Abatzi (GRE)X49.72X49.72 m
1425 Hüsniye Keskin (TUR)46.8048.80X48.80 m

Group B

11 Ellina Zvereva (BLR)X61.7665.9465.94 m
22 Natalya Sadova (RUS)65.14XX65.14 m
36 Teresa Machado (POR)57.40X61.3661.36 m
47 Luan Zhili (CHN)57.7461.18X61.18 m
512 Anna Söderberg (SWE)59.64X59.8859.88 m
613 Olena Antonova (UKR)59.6259.1056.7059.62 m
715 Anastasia Kelesidou (GRE)56.4859.2258.3059.22 m
816 Edie Boyer (USA)59.18XX59.18 m
918 Elisângela Adriano (BRA)47.0057.8854.6657.88 m
1019 Xiao Yanling (CHN)X56.32X56.32 m
1120 Lacy Barnes-Mileham (USA)53.2255.52X55.52 m
1226 Siniva Marsters (COK)XX35.2235.22 m
 Franka Dietzsch (GER)XXXNM
 Isabelle Devaluez (FRA)XXXNM
 Mette Bergmann (NOR)XXXNM


1st, gold medalist(s) Beatrice Faumuina (NZL)XX66.8262.60XX66.82 m
2nd, silver medalist(s) Ellina Zvereva (BLR)63.4065.9061.8664.9864.6465.7265.90 m
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Natalya Sadova (RUS)63.7065.14X63.08XX65.14 m
4 Larisa Korotkevich (RUS)62.7662.4460.96X63.0262.0463.02 m
5 Irina Yatchenko (BLR)X62.0261.4062.5860.7057.9462.58 m
6 Teresa Machado (POR)62.0060.78XX59.92X62.00 m
7 Stiliani Tsikouna (GRE)61.9257.70X58.0059.6658.1261.92 m
8 Agnese Maffeis (ITA)61.4054.9857.4854.3654.28X61.40 m
9 Luan Zhili (CHN)60.6257.4257.7660.62 m
10 Nicoleta Grasu (ROM)58.0658.8860.1460.14 m
11 Anna Söderberg (SWE)58.22XX58.22 m
12 Lisa-Marie Vizaniari (AUS)55.2057.56X57.56 m

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