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The Amazing Pudding

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The Amazing Pudding
EditorAndy Mabbett et al.
CategoriesRock music biography
FrequencySix per year
PublisherAndy Mabbett et al.
First issue1983 (1983)
Final issue1993 (1993)
OCLC number226127235

The Amazing Pudding was a Pink Floyd and Roger Waters fan magazine[1] (with frequent discussion of the other band members' solo careers, including that of Syd Barrett), established by Ivor Trueman and edited and published, variously, by him (issues 1–17),[2][3] Andy Mabbett (issues 2–60),[1][4] Bruno MacDonald (issues 24–60),[1][5] and Dave Walker (issues 13–60),[1][6] for ten years (and 60 issues).[1]

Mabbett (three times)[7][8][9] and MacDonald[10] each went on to write books on the band, and Mabbett wrote the section on Pink Floyd in the official programme for the 1996 induction of the band into the U.S. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.[11]

The name 'The Amazing Pudding' was a working title for Pink Floyd's 1970 "Atom Heart Mother" suite.[12]

Trueman also published the Syd Barrett magazine, Opel, before founding Delerium Records.[citation needed]


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