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Athletics at the 2000 Summer Olympics – Women's 800 metres

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Athletics at the
2000 Summer Olympics
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The Women's 800 metres at the 2000 Summer Olympics as part of the athletics programme was held at Stadium Australia on Friday 22 September, Saturday 23 September, and Monday 25 September 2000.

The top two runners in each of the initial five heats automatically qualified for the semi-final. The next six fastest runners from across the heats also qualified for the semi-final.

The top three runners in each semi-final automatically qualified for the final. The next two fastest runners from across the heats also qualified for the final.

There were a total number of 39 participating athletes.

In the final, Helena Fuchsova took her lane 1 position out to the lead, with Brigita Langerholc sweeping across the track from lane 8 to shut the door on Hazel Clark and the rest of the pack. Fuchsova held the lead through a 55.04 first lap and on to 600 metres in 1:25.5. Behind her the pack scrambled for position with Kelly Holmes on Fuchsova's shoulder. Holmes, then Maria Mutola, then Stephanie Graf all passed on the final turn. On the final straightaway, Mutola rans strong on the outside, advancing past Holmes, with Graf sprinting past for silver. Four years later, it would be reversed, with Holmes running past Mutoloa on the final straight.


World Record1:53.28Jarmila KratochvílováCzechoslovakiaMunich, West Germany26 July 1983
Olympic Record1:53.43Nadezhda OlizarenkoSoviet UnionMoscow, Soviet Union27 February 1980


Gold: Med 1.pngSilver: Med 2.pngBronze: Med 3.png
Maria Mutola,  MozambiqueStephanie Graf,  AustriaKelly Holmes,  Great Britain


All times shown are in seconds.

  • Q denotes qualification by place in heat.
  • q denotes qualification by overall place.
  • DNS denotes did not start.
  • DNF denotes did not finish.
  • DQ denotes disqualification.
  • NR denotes national record.
  • OR denotes Olympic record.
  • WR denotes world record.
  • PB denotes personal best.
  • SB denotes season best.

Qualifying heats

Round 1

Heat 1 of 5
Date: Friday 22 September 2000
17Maria Mutola Mozambique51:59.88Q
210Tamsyn Lewis Australia32:00.33Q
311Hasna Benhassi Morocco82:00.50q
422Natalya Dukhnova Belarus12:03.20
525Grace Birungi Uganda62:03.32
626Olena Buzhenko Ukraine72:03:48
727Florencia Hunt Netherlands Antilles42:03.78NR
832Direma Banasso Togo22:13.67PB
Heat 2 of 5
Date: Friday 22 September 2000
114Jearl Miles-Clark United States32:01.79Q
215Brigita Langerholc Slovenia72:01.89Q
316Olga Raspopova Russia12:01.95
418Letitia Vriesde Suriname22:02.09
523Mina Ait Hammou Morocco52:03.25
628Leontine Tsiba Congo62:04:08NR
730Elena Iagăr Romania82:07.56
837Roda Ali Wais Djibouti42:31.71
Heat 3 of 5
Date: Friday 22 September 2000
15Mayte Martinez Spain31:59.60QPB
26Irina Mistyukevich Russia61:59.73Q
38Zulia Calatayud Cuba82:00.18q
49Joetta Clark-Diggs United States42:00.19q
512Charmaine Howell Jamaica72:01.14q
633Christine Mukamutesi Rwanda52:14:15
736Anhel Cape Guinea-Bissau12:17.05
Ludmila Formanova Czech Republic2DNF
Heat 4 of 5
Date: Friday 22 September 2000
113Kelly Holmes Great Britain62:01.76Q
217Hazel Clark United States52:01.99Q
319Natalya Tsyganova Russia82:02.26
420Sandra Stals Belgium42:02.33
524Susan Andrews Australia12:03.31
629Irina Latve Latvia22:06:05
735Delfina Cassinda Angola32:15.02
Heat 5 of 5
Date: Friday 22 September 2000
11Stephanie Graf Austria11:58.39Q
22Claudia Gesell Germany21:58.56Q
33Helena Fuchsova Czech Republic41:58.97qSB
44Toni Hodgkinson New Zealand71:59.37q
521Diane Modahl Great Britain52:02.41
631Adama Njie The Gambia62:07:90SB
734Anna Nasilyan Armenia82:14.86
Tina Paulino Mozambique3DNS

Overall Results Round 1

Round 1
Overall Results
1Stephanie Graf Austria5111:58.39Q
2Claudia Gesell Germany5221:58.56Q
3Helena Fuchsova Czech Republic5431:58.97qSB
4Toni Hodgkinson New Zealand5741:59.37q
5Mayte Martinez Spain3311:59.60QPB
6Irina Mistyukevich Russia3631:59.73Q
7Maria Mutola Mozambique1511:59.88Q
8Zulia Calatayud Cuba2832:00.18q
9Joetta Clark-Diggs United States3442:00.19q
10Tamsyn Lewis Australia1322:00.23Q
11Hasna Benhassi Morocco1832:00.50q
12Charmaine Howell Jamaica3752:01.14q
13Kelly Holmes Great Britain4612:01.76Q
14Jearl Miles-Clark United States2312:01.79Q
15Brigita Langerholc Slovenia2722:01.89Q
16Olga Raspopova Russia2132:01.95
17Hazel Clark United States4522:01.99Q
18Letitia Vriesde Suriname2242:02.09
19Natalya Tsyganova Russia4832:02.25
20Sandra Stals Belgium4442:02.33
21Diane Modahl Great Britain5552:02.41
22Natalya Dukhnova Belarus1142:03.20
23Mina Ait Hammou Morocco2552:03.25
24Susan Andrews Australia4152:03.31
25Grace Birungi Uganda1652:03.32
26Olena Buzhenko Ukraine1762:03.48
27Florencia Hunt Netherlands Antilles1472:03.78NR
28Leontine Tsiba Congo2662:04.08
29Irina Latve Latvia4262:06.05
30Elena Iagăr Romania2872:07.56
31Adama Njie The Gambia5662:07.90SB
32Direma Banasso Togo1282:13.67PB
33Christine Mukamutesi Rwanda3562:14.15
34Anna Nasilyan Armenia5872:14:86
35Delfina Cassinda Angola4372:15.02
36Anhel Cape Guinea-Bissau3172:17.05
37Roda Ali Wais Djibouti2482:31.71
Ludmila Formanova Czech Republic32DNF
Tina Paulino Mozambique53DNS


Semifinal 1
Heat 1 of 2
Date: Saturday 23 September 2000
14Maria Mutola Mozambique51:58.56Q
27Hasna Benhassi Morocco41:59.19Q
38Zulia Calatayud Cuba21:59.30QPB
49Tamsyn Lewis Australia71:59.33
510Jearl Miles-Clark United States31:59.44
611Claudia Gesell Germany61:59:69
713Charmaine Howell Jamaica82:00.63PB
815Mayte Martinez Spain12:03.27
Heat 2 of 2
Date: Saturday 23 September 2000
11Stephanie Graf Austria31:57.56Q
22Kelly Holmes Great Britain11:58.45QSB
33Helena Fuchsova Czech Republic41:58.82QSB
45Brigita Langerholc Slovenia11:59.09qNR
56Hazel Clark United States61:59.12q
612Toni Hodgkinson New Zealand71:59:84
714Irina Mistyukevich Russia52:02.95
816Joetta Clark-Diggs United States82:04.12

Overall Results Semi-finals

Overall Results
1Stephanie Graf Austria2311:57.56Q
2Kelly Holmes Great Britain1221:58.45QSB
3Helena Fuchsova Czech Republic2431:58.82QSB
4Maria Mutola Mozambique1511:58.86Q
5Brigita Langerholc Slovenia2141:59.96qNR
6Hazel Clark United States2651:59.12q
7Hasna Benhassi Morocco1421:59.19Q
8Zulia Calatayud Cuba1231:59.30QPB
9Tamsyn Lewis Australia1741:59.33
10Jearl Miles-Clark United States1351:59.44
11Claudia Gesell Germany1661:59.69
12Toni Hodgkinson New Zealand2761:59.84
13Charmaine Howell Jamaica1872:00.63PB
14Irina Mistyukevich Russia2572:02.95
15Mayte Martinez Spain1182:03.27
16Joetta Clark-Diggs United States2882:04.12


Date: Monday 25 September 2000
1st, gold medalist(s)Maria Mutola Mozambique61:56.15SB
2nd, silver medalist(s)Stephanie Graf Austria51:56.64NR
3rd, bronze medalist(s)Kelly Holmes Great Britain31:56.80SB
4Brigita Langerholc Slovenia81:58.51NR
5Helena Fuchsova Czech Republic11:58.56PB
6Zulia Calatayud Cuba71:58.66PB
7Hazel Clark United States21:58.75
8Hasna Benhassi Morocco41:59.17


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