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Earl Reece Stadtman

Updated: 2017-05-03T20:32Z

Earl Reece Stadtman (1919–2008) was an American biochemist,[1][2] notable for his research of enzymes[3] and anaerobic bacteria.[4] Stadtman received the National Medal of Science from President Jimmy Carter in 1979 "for seminal contributions to understanding of the energy metabolism of anaerobic bacteria and for elucidation of major mechanisms whereby the rates of metabolic processes are finely matched to the requirements of the living cell".[4] Stadtman was Chief of the Laboratory of Biochemistry at the National Heart Institute.[2] Stadtman was also a member of the National Academy of Sciences.[1] The Washington Post called Stadtman a "revered biochemist".[1] He was the husband of Thressa Stadtman, who discovered selenocysteine.



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