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European Athletics Indoor Championships

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European Athletics Indoor Championships
Genresports event
Inaugurated1970 (1970)

The European Athletics Indoor Championships is a biennial indoor track and field competition for European athletes that is organised by the European Athletic Association. It was held for the first time in 1970, replacing the European Indoor Games, its predecessor event first held in 1966.

The championships was an annual event until 1990, when it was changed to its current biennial format. A gap of three years occurred after the 2002 edition to synchronize the event with the other major championships of international athletics. The event is hosted by a different European city each year.[1]


European Indoor Games

#YearCityCountryDatesVenueEventsTop of the medal table
11966Dortmund West Germany27 MarchWestfalenhalle21 West Germany
21967Prague Czechoslovakia11-12 MarchSportovni hala23 Soviet Union
31968Madrid Spain9-10 MarchPalacio de los Deportes23 Soviet Union
41969Belgrade Yugoslavia8-9 MarchHala I Beogradskog sajma23 East Germany

European Indoor Championships

#YearCityCountryDatesVenueEventsCountriesAthletesTop of the medal table
11970Vienna Austria14-15 MarchStadthalle2222[2]279[2] Soviet Union
21971Sofia Bulgaria13-14 MarchFestivalna23 Soviet Union
31972Grenoble France11-12 MarchPalais des Sports23 East Germany
41973Rotterdam Netherlands10-11 MarchAhoy23 West Germany
51974Gothenburg Sweden9-10 MarchScandinavium21 Poland
61975Katowice Poland8-9 MarchSpodek2124270 East Germany
71976Munich West Germany21-22 FebruaryOlympiahalle19 Soviet Union
81977San Sebastián Spain12-13 MarchVelodromo de Anoeta19 East Germany
91978Milan Italy11-12 MarchPalasport di San Siro19 East Germany
101979Vienna Austria24-25 FebruaryFerry-Dusika-Hallenstadion19 East Germany
111980Sindelfingen West Germany1-2 MarchGlaspalast Sindelfingen19 West Germany
121981Grenoble France21-22 FebruaryPalais des Sports20 East Germany
131982Milan Italy6-7 MarchPalasport di San Siro2323282 West Germany
141983Budapest Hungary5-6 MarchBudapest Sportcsarnok2324261 Soviet Union
151984Gothenburg Sweden3-4 MarchScandinavium2226240 Czechoslovakia
161985Piraeus Greece2-3 MarchPeace and Friendship Stadium2226290 East Germany
171986Madrid Spain22-23 FebruaryPalacio de los Deportes2226270 East Germany
181987Liévin France21-22 FebruaryStade Couvert Régional2426339 Soviet Union
191988Budapest Hungary5-6 MarchBudapest Sportcsarnok2427358 East Germany
201989The Hague Netherlands18-19 FebruaryHoutrust2427323 Soviet Union
211990Glasgow United Kingdom3-4 MarchKelvin Hall Arena2528370 Soviet Union
221992Genoa Italy28 February – 1 MarchPalasport di Genova2735439Olympic flag.svg Unified Team
231994Paris France11-13 MarchPalais omnisports de Paris-Bercy2740499 Russia
241996Stockholm Sweden8-10 MarchGloben2644463 Germany
251998Valencia Spain27 February – 1 MarchPalau Velódrom Lluís Puig2639484 Germany
262000Ghent Belgium25-27 FebruaryFlanders Sports Arena2844546 Russia
272002Vienna Austria1-3 MarchFerry-Dusika-Hallenstadion2845558 Russia
282005Madrid Spain4-6 MarchPalacio de los Deportes2841563 Russia
292007Birmingham United Kingdom2-4 MarchNational Indoor Arena2647519 Great Britain
302009Turin Italy6-8 MarchOval Lingotto2645530 Russia
312011Paris France4-6 MarchPalais omnisports de Paris-Bercy2646577 France
322013Gothenburg Sweden1-3 MarchScandinavium2647578 Russia
332015Prague Czech Republic5-8 MarchO2 Arena2649614 Russia
342017Belgrade Serbia3-5 MarchBelgrade Arena2648525 Poland
352019Glasgow United Kingdom1-3 MarchCommonwealth Arena
362021Karlsruhe GermanyEuropahalle

Championship records


60 m6.42Dwain Chambers Great Britain8 March 20092009 Turin(details)
400 m45.33Pavel Maslák Czech Republic7 March 20152015 Prague(details)[3]
800 m1:44.78Paweł Czapiewski Poland3 March 20022002 Vienna(details)
1500 m3:36.70Ivan Heshko Ukraine6 March 20052005 Madrid(details)
3000 m7:38.42Ali Kaya Turkey7 March 20152015 Prague(details)[4]
60 m hurdles7.39Colin Jackson Great Britain12 March 19941994 Paris(details)
High jump2.40 mStefan Holm Sweden6 March 20052005 Madrid(details)
Pole vault6.04 mRenaud Lavillenie France7 March 20152015 Prague(details)[5]
Long jump8.71 mSebastian Bayer Germany8 March 20092009 Turin(details)
Triple jump17.92 m (2nd jump)Teddy Tamgho France6 March 20112011 Paris(details)[6][7][1]
17.92 m (4th jump)
Shot put22.19 mUlf Timmermann East Germany21 February 19871987 Liévin(details)
Heptathlon6479 ptsKevin Mayer France4–5 March 20172017 Belgrade(details)[8]
60mLong jumpShot putHigh jump60m HPole vault1000m
4×400 m relay3:02.87Julien Watrin
Dylan Borlée
Jonathan Borlée
Kevin Borlée
 Belgium8 March 20152015 Prague(details)[9]


60 m7.00Nelli Cooman Netherlands23 February 19861986 Madrid(details)
400 m49.59Jarmila Kratochvílová Czechoslovakia7 March 19821982 Milan(details)
800 m1:55.82Jolanda Čeplak Slovenia3 March 20022002 Vienna(details)
1500 m4:02.39Laura Muir Great Britain4 March 20172017 Belgrade(details)[10]
3000 m8:35.67Laura Muir Great Britain5 March 20172017 Belgrade(details)[11]
60 m hurdles7.74Lyudmila Narozhilenko Soviet Union4 March 19901990 Glasgow(details)
High jump2.05 mTia Hellebaut Belgium3 March 20072007 Birmingham(details)
Pole vault4.90 mYelena Isinbayeva Russia6 March 20052005 Madrid(details)
Long jump7.30 mHeike Drechsler East Germany5 March 19881988 Budapest(details)
Triple jump15.16 mAshia Hansen Great Britain28 February 19981998 Valencia(details)
Shot put21.46 mHelena Fibingerová Czechoslovakia13 March 19771977 San Sebastián(details)
Pentathlon5000 ptsKatarina Johnson-Thompson Great Britain6 March 20152015 Prague(details)[12]
8.18 (60 m hurdles), 1.95 m (high jump), 12.32 m (shot put), 6.89 m (long jump), 2:12.78 (800 m)
4 x 400 m relay3:27.56Eilidh Child
Shana Cox
Christine Ohuruogu
Perri Shakes-Drayton
 Great Britain3 March 20132013 Gothenburg(details)[13]

Heptathlon disciplines

60 m6.79
Long jump7.97 m
Shot put16.82 m
High jump2.17 m
60 m hurdles7.78Tomáš Dvořák Czech Republic24 February 20002000 ChampionshipsBelgium Ghent, Belgium
Jorge Ureña Spain5 March 20172017 ChampionshipsSerbia Belgrade, Serbia[14]
Pole vault5.60 m
1000 m2:34.19

Pentathlon disciplines

60 m hurdles8.11Antoinette Nana Djimou Ida France4 March 20112011 ChampionshipsFrance Paris, France
High jump1.96 mNafissatou Thiam Belgium3 March 20172017 ChampionshipsSerbia Belgrade, Serbia[15]
Shot put17.53 mAustra Skujyte Lithuania4 March 20112011 ChampionshipsFrance Paris, France
Long jump6.89 mKatarina Johnson-Thompson Great Britain6 March 20152015 ChampionshipsCzech Republic Prague, Czech Republic
800 m2:09.81

By country

 Great Britain257
 East Germany112
 Czech Republic101
 Soviet Union011

Records in defunct events

Men's events

200 m20.36Bruno Marie-Rose France22 February 19871987 Liévin(details)
5000 m walk18:19.97Giovanni De Benedictis Italy28 February 19921992 Genova(details)

Women's events

200 m22.39Marita Koch East Germany5 March 19831983 Budapest(details)
3000 m walk11:49.99Alina IvanovaUnified Team29 February 19921992 Genova(details)

All-time medal table 1966–2017

1 Soviet Union116107104327
2 Germany10110796304
3 East Germany878358228
4 Great Britain685944171
5 Poland635175189
6 Russia595042151
7 France513766154
8 Italy32363098
9 Czechoslovakia31323699
10 Spain284836112
11 Bulgaria28323696
12 Romania253540100
13 Sweden22232267
14 Netherlands17151951
15 Belgium17131040
16 Hungary16231857
17 Czech Republic13141845
18Unified Team128727
19 Portugal128323
20 Ukraine10121537
21  Switzerland10101232
22 Finland1081129
23 Ireland851023
24 Austria791329
25 Belarus77822
26 Yugoslavia661325
27 Greece (GRE)5131129
28 Latvia5117
29 Serbia3115
30 Estonia3025
31 Norway24713
32 Turkey2417
33 Denmark2226
34 FR Yugoslavia[nb]2125
35 Iceland2046
36 Slovenia1337
37 Slovakia1124
38 Azerbaijan1102
39 Lithuania1102
40 Israel1012
41 Albania1001
42 Cyprus0202
43 Croatia0112
44 Bosnia and Herzegovina0101
46 Armenia0011
46 Moldova0011
  • nb Iincludes medal of Dragan Perić, a Serbian athlete who competed during the Yugoslavian War as Independent European Participant.

Most successful athletes

A total of 26 men and 24 women have won five or more medals at the competition.[16]


Thomas Wessinghage West Germany1972–198612651
Dietmar Mögenburg West Germany1980–19908512
Valeriy Borzov Soviet Union1970–19777700
Viktor Saneyev Soviet Union1970–19776600
Marian Woronin Poland1975–19876501
José Luís González Spain1982–19926501
Roman Šebrle Czech Republic1998–20116312
Geoff Capes Great Britain1971–19796231
László Szalma Hungary1976–19906231
Béla Bakosi Hungary1979–19886213
Colin Jackson Great Britain1987–20025410
Jason Gardener Great Britain1998–20075410
Thomas Munkelt East Germany1973–19835401
Andrzej Badeński Poland1970–19725320
Hans Baumgartner West Germany1971–19775320
Paul-Heinz Wellmann West Germany1971–19775311
Arto Bryggare Finland1977–19875221
Carlo Thränhardt West Germany1977–19885140
Antti Kalliomäki Finland1971–19805131
Ronald Desruelles Belgium1977–19895122
John Mayock Great Britain1992–20055122


Helena Fibingerová Czechoslovakia1970–198511830
Marlies Göhr East Germany1977–19889522
Nelli Fiere Netherlands1984–19948602
Brigitte Kraus West Germany1976–19888314
Doina Melinte Romania1982–19927511
Heike Drechsler East Germany &  Germany1982–20007412
Grazyna Rabsztyn Poland1972–19827241
Galina Chistyakova Soviet Union1985–19906420
Marita Koch East Germany1977–19866411
Lidia Chojecka Poland1998–20116330
Yordanka Donkova Bulgaria1982–19946303
Jarmila Nygrýnová Czechoslovakia1971–19806231
Rita Wilden West Germany1972–19765410
Jarmila Kratochvílová Czechoslovakia1977–19845410
Stefka Kostadinova Bulgaria1984–19945410
Claudia Losch West Germany1984–19905320
Elly van Hulst Netherlands1984–19945320
Verona Elder Great Britain1973–19815311
Nadezhda Ilyina Soviet Union1970–19755131
Ruth Beitia Spain2005–20155131
Sylviane Telliez France1970–19765122
Urszula Włodarczyk Poland1992–20005113
Marta Domínguez Spain1996–20075113
Helga Radtke East Germany &  Germany1983–19945032


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