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Guyanese general election, 1992

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General elections were held in Guyana on 5 October 1992.[1] They were the first free and fair elections since 1964.[2] The People's Progressive Party ended the People's National Congress' 28-year rule, winning 28 of the 53 seats and 53.5% of the vote. Voter turnout was 80.4%.[1]


People's Progressive Party162,05853.528+20
People's National Congress128,28642.323–19
Working People's Alliance6,0862.010
United Force3,1831.010
Democratic Labour Movement1,5570.500
United Republican Party1,3430.40New
People's Democratic Movement2700.10New
Union of Guyanese International1340.00New
National Republican Party1140.00New
United Workers Party770.00New
National Democratic Front680.00New
Invalid/blank votes5,666
Registered voters/turnout348,19588.7
Source: Nohlen


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