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IAAF World Women's Road Race Championships

Updated: 2017-06-02T00:54Z

The IAAF World Women's Road Race Championships was an annual international athletics championship in road running organised by the International Association of Athletics Federations (then known as the International Amateur Athletics Federation). It was contested from 1983-1991, before being replaced by the IAAF World Half Marathon Championships in 1992, an event for both men and women.

The event was a 10 km race in 1983 and 1984, then a 15 km race from 1985-1991.[1]


1st1983San DiegoUnited States
3rd1985GatesheadUnited Kingdom
5th1987Monte CarloMonaco
7th1989Rio de JaneiroBrazil



1983 Wendy Sly (GBR)32:23 Betty Springs (USA)32:23 Lesley Welch (USA)32:41
1984 Aurora Cunha (POR)33:04 Rosa Mota (POR)33:18 Carole Bradford (GBR)33:25
1985 Aurora Cunha (POR)49:17 Judi St. Hilaire (USA)49:25 Carole Bradford (GBR)49:59
1986 Aurora Cunha (POR)48:31 Rosa Mota (POR)48:35 Carla Beurskens (NED)48:36
1987 Ingrid Kristiansen (NOR)47:17 Nancy Tinari (CAN)48:53 Maria Curatolo (ITA)49:15
1988 Ingrid Kristiansen (NOR)48:24 Wang Xiuting (CHN)50:18 Zoya Ivanova (URS)50:28
1989 Wang Xiuting (CHN)49:34 Zhong Huandi (CHN)49:44 Aurora Cunha (POR)50:06
1990 Iulia Negura (ROM)50:14 Francie Larrieu-Smith (USA)50:15 Zhong Huandi (CHN)50:19
1991 Iulia Negura (ROM)48:42 Andrea Wallace (GBR)48:43 Uta Pippig (GER)48:44


  • Team medals were decided by adding the positions of the leading three team members, except in 1984, when the times of the three leading team members were added.
1983 United States12 Canada19 Ireland32
1984 Great Britain1:41:24 United States1:42:33 Portugal1:43:11
1985 Great Britain19 Soviet Union20 United States36
1986 Soviet Union20 Portugal24 United States26
1987 Portugal32 Soviet Union32 Great Britain46
1988 Soviet Union21 China31 Portugal37
1989 China10 Portugal15 Soviet Union24
1990 Portugal27 Soviet Union47 West Germany62
1991 Germany22 Romania24 Soviet Union31

Individual Results

San Diego 1983 (10 km)

66 starters. 62 finishers

Gold medal icon.svg Wendy Sly (GBR)32:23
Silver medal icon.svg Betty Springs (USA)32:23
Bronze medal icon.svg Lesley Welch (USA)32:41
4th Nancy Rooks (CAN)32:57
5th Dorthe Rasmussen (DEN)33:03
6th Midde Hamrin (SWE)33:06
7th Sylvie Ruegger (CAN)33:06
8th Monica Joyce (IRL)33:14
9th Ellen Hart (USA)33:15
10th Lisa Martin (AUS)33:19

Madrid 1984 (10 km)

54 finishers.

Gold medal icon.svg Aurora Cunha (POR)33:04
Silver medal icon.svg Rosa Mota (POR)33:18
Bronze medal icon.svg Carole Bradford (GBR)33:25
4 Debbie Peel (GBR)33:51
5 Anne Marie Malone (CAN)34:01
6 Sally Pierson (AUS)34:05
7 Carol Haigh (GBR)34:08
8 Monica Joyce (IRE)34:09
9 Gail Kingma (USA)34:12
10 Jeanette Nordgren (SWE)34:13

Gateshead 1985 (15 km)

67 finishers.

Gold medal icon.svg Aurora Cunha (POR)49:17
Silver medal icon.svg Judi St. Hilaire (USA)49:25
Bronze medal icon.svg Carole Bradford (GBR)49:59
4th Lyudmila Matveyeva (URS)50:28
5th Paula Fudge (GBR)50:36
6th Donna Gould (AUS)50:42
7th Mariya Vasilyuk (URS)50:56
8th Anna Villani (ITA)51:00
9th Yelena Sipatova (URS)51:08
10th Ellen Wessinhage (FRG)51:29

Lisbon 1986 (15 km)

75 finishers.

Gold medal icon.svg Aurora Cunha (POR)48:31
Silver medal icon.svg Rosa Mota (POR)48:35
Bronze medal icon.svg Carla Beurskens (NED)48:36
4 Marty Cooksey (USA)48:41
5 Tatyana Kazankina (URS)49:12
6 Lyudmila Matveyeva (URS)49:13
7 Maria Curatolo (ITA)49:14
8 Nancy Rooks (CAN)49:22
9 Marina Rodchenkova (URS)49:26
10 Kellie Cathey (USA)49:42

Monte Carlo 1987 (15 km)

110 starters. 103 finishers.

Gold medal icon.svg Ingrid Kristiansen (NOR)47:17
Silver medal icon.svg Nancy Tinari (CAN)48:53
Bronze medal icon.svg Maria Curatolo (ITA)49:15
4 Malin Wästlund (SWE)49:21
5 Yekaterina Khramenkova (URS)49:33
6 Albertina Machado (POR)49:35
7 Lisa Weidenbach (USA)49:41
8 Paula Fudge (GBR)49:43
9 Evy Palm (SWE)49:48
10 Agnes Pardaens (BEL)49:56

Adelaide 1988 (15 km)

77 starters. 70 finishers.

Gold medal icon.svg Ingrid Kristiansen (NOR)48:24
Silver medal icon.svg Wang Xiuting (CHN)50:18
Bronze medal icon.svg Zoya Ivanova (URS)50:28
4 Zhong Huandi (CHN)50:29
5 Malin Wästlund (SWE)50:42
6 Yekaterina Khramenkova (URS)50:43
7 Lizanne Bussieres (CAN)50:46
8 Conceição Ferreira (POR)50:51
9 Tani Ruckle (AUS)50:59
10 Jocelyn Villeton (FRA)51:00

San Diego 1989 (15 km)

85 starters. 68 finishers.

Gold medal icon.svg Wang Xiuting (CHN)49:34
Silver medal icon.svg Zhong Huandi (CHN)50:06
Bronze medal icon.svg Aurora Cunha (POR)50:06
4. Albertina Machado (POR)50:16
5. Yekaterina Khramenkova (URS)50:21
6. Jill Hunter (GBR)50:34
7 Wang Huabi (CHN)50:42
8 Albertina Dias (POR)50:59
9 Nadyezhda Stepanova (URS)51:05
10 Irina Yagodina (URS)51:06

Dublin 1990 (15 km)

83 starters. 77 finishers.

Gold medal icon.svg Iulia Negura (ROM)50:12
Silver medal icon.svg Francie Larrieu-Smith (USA)50:15
Bronze medal icon.svg Zhong Huandi (CHN)50:19
4 Andrea Wallace (GBR)50:20
5 Aurora Cunha (POR)50:27
6 Katrin Dorre (GDR)50:30
7 Nadezhda Galliamova (URS)50:32
8 Kerstin Pressler (FRG)50:37
9 Conceição Ferreira (POR)51:00
10 Valentina Yegorova (URS)51:06

Nieuwegein 1991 (15 km)

70 finishers.

Gold medal icon.svg Iulia Negura (ROM)48:42
Silver medal icon.svg Andrea Wallace (GBR)48:43
Bronze medal icon.svg Uta Pippig (GER)48:44
4 Nadezhda Ilyina (URS)48:44
5 Rosanna Munerotto (ITA)48:47
6 Kerstin Pressler (GER)49:19
7 Georgetta Stage (ROM)49:21
8 Lidia Camberg (POL)49:24
9 Conceição Ferreira (POR)49:27
10 Marina Rodchenkova (URS)49:37


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