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JGB (band)

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Also known asMelvin Seals and JGB
GenresRock, blues, gospel
Years active1995-Present
LabelsHouse of Blues, Blues Planet
Associated actsJerry Garcia Band
  • Melvin Seals
  • Cheryl Rucker
  • Shirley Starks
  • Pete Lavezzoli
  • Zach Nugent
  • John-Paul McLean
Past members
  • John Kahn
  • Jackie LaBranch
  • Gloria Jones
  • David Kemper
  • Donny Baldwin
  • Armin Winter
  • Ronnie Penque
  • Elgin Seals
  • Judah Gold
  • Stu Allen
  • Dave Hebert
  • Jimmy Tebeau
  • Jimmy Hubbard
  • Justin Purtill
  • Martin Holland
  • Sam Howard
  • Rob Wenig
  • Mark Corsolini
  • Judith Harris Colman
  • Elizabeth Holland
  • Gail Muldrow
  • Robert Sheldon Coons
  • Joe White
  • JGB is an American rock/blues band led by Melvin Seals, who plays electric organ.[1] Its mission is to continue the musical legacy of the Jerry Garcia Band, of which Seals was a longtime member.[2]


    As noted in Rolling Stone, "... when Garcia died in 1995, and the Grateful Dead went on hiatus, Seals took charge. Under his leadership, the slightly renamed 'JGB Band' pays tribute to Garcia by performing his songs and remaining faithful to his style."[3]

    In 1996, Seals played several concerts with Jerry Garcia Band bassist John Kahn and other former members of that band. Their idea was to continue playing the same music with everyone except Garcia himself. However, Kahn died three weeks later, and Seals and the others continued without him.[4] The membership of JGB has continued to evolve over the years.

    On July 30, 2004, Melvin Seals was the first Jerry Garcia Band member to headline an outdoor music and camping festival named in honor of Jerry Garcia, called Grateful Garcia Gathering. Jerry Garcia Band drummer David Kemper joined Melvin Seals & JGB in 2007. To date, other musicians playing with JGB have included Donna Jean Godchaux, Mookie Siegel, Pete Sears, G. E. Smith, Barry Sless, and Robin Sylvester.


    • Welcome to Our World – 1998
    • Keepers of the Flame – 2006


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