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Jefferson Airplane discography

Updated: 2017-06-13T12:09Z

The following is a comprehensive discography of Jefferson Airplane, an American rock band which formed in San Francisco in 1965.


Studio albums

YearTitleChart positionsCertification
1966Jefferson Airplane Takes Off128
1967Surrealistic Pillow3Platinum (RIAA)
After Bathing at Baxter's17
1968Crown of Creation6Gold (RIAA)
1969Volunteers1334Gold (RIAA)
1971Bark1142Gold (RIAA)
1972Long John Silver2030Gold (RIAA)
1989Jefferson Airplane85
"—" denotes release did not chart and/or certified.

Compilation and live albums

YearTitleChart positionsCertification
1969Bless Its Pointed Little Head17
1970The Worst of Jefferson Airplane12Platinum (RIAA)
1973Thirty Seconds Over Winterland52
1974Early Flight110
1977Flight Log37Gold (RIAA)
19872400 Fulton Street138
1992Jefferson Airplane Loves You of
1998Live at the Fillmore East
2007Sweeping Up the Spotlight
2009The Woodstock Experience
2010Signe’s Farewell
2010Grace's Debut
2010We Have Ignition
2010Return to the Matrix
"—" denotes release did not chart and/or certified.

Authorized UK Releases

Other compilation and live albums

  • The Best of Jefferson Airplane (1980)
  • Time Machine (1984)
  • White Rabbit & Other Hits (1990)
  • The Best of Jefferson Airplane (1992)
  • Feed Your Head : Live '67-'69 (1996)
  • Journey: The Best of Jefferson Airplane (1996)
  • Jefferson Airplane and Beyond (1997)
  • Through the Looking Glass (1999)
  • The Roar of Jefferson Airplane (2001)
  • Platinum & Gold Collection (2003)
  • Cleared For Take Off (2003)
  • The Best of Jefferson Airplane: Somebody to Love (2004)
  • Fly Jefferson Airplane (DVD) (2004)
  • The Essential Jefferson Airplane (2005)
  • Best of Jefferson Airplane (2005)
  • High Flying Bird: Live at the Monterey Festival (2006)
  • The Very Best of Jefferson Airplane (2007)
  • Feels like '67 again (2007) HHO Multimedia Ltd. London - Concerts during 1967 at the Winterland
  • Plastic Fantastic Airplane (live from several Concerts (2008) HHO Multimedia Ltd. London
  • Setlist: The Very Best Of Jefferson Airplane Live (2010)


YearTitleB-sideChart positionsCertificationsAlbum
Hot 100[2]Cash Box [2]Main Rock[2]US

1966"It's No Secret""Runnin' 'Round This World"Jefferson Airplane Takes Off
"Come Up the Years""Blues from an Airplane"
"Bringing Me Down""Let Me In"
"My Best Friend""How Do You Feel?"103Surrealistic Pillow
1967"Somebody to Love""She Has Funny Cars"55Gold (RIAA)[4]
"White Rabbit""Plastic Fantastic Lover"86Platinum (RIAA)[5]
"The Ballad of You and Me and Pooneil""Two Heads"4224After Bathing at Baxter's
"Watch Her Ride""Martha"6137
1968"Greasy Heart""Share a Little Joke"9877Crown of Creation
"Crown of Creation""Lather"64
1969"Plastic Fantastic Lover""The Other Side of This Life"133Bless Its Pointed Little Head
"Volunteers""We Can Be Together"6560Volunteers
1970"Mexico""Have You Seen the Saucers?"102Early Flight
1971"Pretty as You Feel""Wild Turkey"6035Bark
1972"Long John Silver""Milk Train"104Long John Silver
"Twilight Double Leader""Trial by Fire"
1989"Summer of Love"15Jefferson Airplane
"True Love"
"—" denotes release did not chart.


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