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List of Dallas Cowboys broadcasters

Updated: 2017-07-16T00:26Z

As of 2009, the Cowboys' flagship radio station is KRLD-FM owned by CBS Radio.

Brad Sham is the team's longtime play-by-play voice. Working alongside him is former Cowboy quarterback Babe Laufenberg. The Cowboys, who retain rights to all announcers, chose not to renew Laufenberg's contract in 2006 and brought in former safety Charlie Waters. However, Laufenberg did work as the analyst on the "Blue Star Network," which televises Cowboys preseason games not shown on national networks. The anchor station is KTVT, the CBS owned and operated station in Dallas. Previous stations which aired Cowboys games included KTCK (AM), KVIL-FM, KRLD, and KLUV-FM. Kristi Scales is the sideline reporter on the radio broadcasts.

During his tenure as Cowboys coach, Tom Landry co-hosted his own coach's show with late veteran sportscaster Frank Glieber and later with Brad Sham. Landry's show was famous for his analysis of raw game footage and for he and his co-host making their NFL "predictions" at the end of each show. Glieber is one of the original voices of the Cowboys Radio Network, along with Bill Mercer, famous for calling the Ice Bowl of 1967 and both Super Bowl V and VI. Mercer is perhaps best known as the ringside commentator of World Class Championship Wrestling in the 1980s. Upon Mercer's departure, Verne Lundquist joined the network, and became their play-by-play announcer by 1977, serving eight years in that capacity before handing those chores permanently over to Brad Sham, who joined the network in 1977 as the color analyst and occasional fill-in for Lundquist.

Longtime WFAA-TV sports anchor Dale Hansen was the Cowboys' color analyst with Brad Sham as the play-by-play announcer from 1985-94. Dave Garrett succeeded Sham on play-by-play in 1995, teaming with Hansen (1995–96), Laufenberg (1996–97), and Mike Doocy (1997). Sham returned as the team's play-by-play voice in 1998.

In 1984 and 2001, the Cowboys used guest analysts in the radio booth for each game. In 1984, Dale Hansen, Charlie Waters, Roger Staubach, Cliff Harris, Vern Lundquist, Drew Pearson, Frank Glieber, and Bob Lilly were guest analysts. In 2001, guest analysts included Charlie Waters, Irving Fryar, Roger Staubach, Troy Aikman, Dan Rather, Michael Irvin, Preston Pearson, John Madden, Pat Summerall, and Dale Hansen.

Cowboy radio network member stations

KBUS 101.9 : KQRX 95.1 : KRLD 105.3 : KRVF 106.9 : KHOY 88.1 : KPTX 98.3 : KBST 1490/95.9 : KCKL 95.9 : KWON 1400 : KEBC 1340 : KTXX 104.9 : KQTM 101.7 : KVLF 1240 : KARX 95.7 : KPYN 900 : KQXX 105.5: KNFX 99.5 : KROD 600 : KCTI 1450 : KVRP 97.1 : KPAM 860 : KHLE 106.9: KYBI 100.1 : WOAI 1200 : KWFS 1290 : KTKR 760 : KSTV 93.1 : KYQX 89.5 : KAKS 99.5 : KHGZ 670 : KARN 920 : KLKL 95.7 : KWTO 560 : KTBZ 1430:

Cowboys radio announcers

YearsFlagship stationPlay-by-playColor commentator
1960KBOXBud ShermanFrank Glieber
1961KBOXFrank GlieberDon Buehler
1962KLIFCharles BolandBill Meek
1963KLIF/KVILRick WeaverGary DeLaune
1964KLIFJay RandolphGary DeLaune
1965KLIFJay RandolphBill Mercer
1966KLIFBill Mercer
1967–1968KLIFBill MercerBlackie Sherrod
1969KLIFBill MercerBlackie Sherrod & Verne Lundquist
1970–1971KLIFBill MercerVerne Lundquist
1972–1975KRLDVerne LundquistAl Wisk
1976KRLDVerne LundquistBob Lilly (home games) & Chris Needham (1st half of season) or Brad Sham (2nd half of season)
1977KRLDVerne LundquistBrad Sham
1978KRLDFrank GlieberVerne Lundquist & Brad Sham
1979KRLDFrank GlieberCharlie Waters (home games), Verne Lundquist & Brad Sham
1980–1983KRLDVerne LundquistBrad Sham
1984KRLDBrad ShamGuest Analysts
1985–1990KRLDBrad ShamDale Hansen
1991–1994KVILBrad ShamDale Hansen
1995KVILDave GarrettDale Hansen
1996KVILDave GarrettDale Hansen (first 14 games) or Babe Laufenberg (final 2 games)
1997KVILDave GarrettBabe Laufenberg & Mike Doocy
1998–2000KVILBrad ShamBabe Laufenberg
2001KVILBrad ShamBabe Laufenberg & Guest Analysts
2002–2005KLUVBrad ShamBabe Laufenberg
2006KTCK/KDBNBrad ShamCharlie Waters
2007–2008KTCK/KDBNBrad ShamBabe Laufenberg
2009–PresentKRLD-FMBrad ShamBabe Laufenberg
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