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List of NFL Championship Game broadcasters

Updated: 2017-04-23T04:03Z

The following is a list of the television networks and announcers that broadcast the National Football League Championship Game from the 1940s until the 1969 NFL season (after which the NFL merged with the American Football League). The National Football League first held a championship game in 1933, it took until 1948 before a championship game would be televised. The successor to the NFL Championship Game is the NFC Championship Game.


SeasonTeamsNetworkPlay-by-playColor commentator(s)Sideline reporter(s)
1948Chicago Cardinals at PhiladelphiaABCHarry Wismer
1949Philadelphia at Los AngelesNo Network Telecast (game was played in Los Angeles, and at the time, there was no way to send live TV programs from the West Coast to the East Coast and vice versa)
1950Los Angeles at ClevelandABCHarry WismerRed Grange and Joe Hasel
1951Cleveland at Los AngelesDuMont (first NFL Championship Game to be televised live from coast-to-coast)Harry WismerEarl Gillespie
1952Detroit at ClevelandDuMontHarry Wismer
1953Cleveland at DetroitDuMontHarry WismerRed Grange
1954Detroit at ClevelandDuMontByrum Saam (first half) and Chuck Thompson (second half)
1955Cleveland at Los AngelesNBCBob Kelley (first half) and Ken Coleman (second half)Bob Graham
1956Chicago Bears at New YorkNBCChris Schenkel (first half) and Jack Brickhouse (second half)Red Grange
1957Cleveland at DetroitNBCVan Patrick (first half) and Ken Coleman (second half)Red Grange
1958Baltimore at New YorkNBCChris Schenkel (first half) and Chuck Thompson (second half)
1959New York at BaltimoreNBCChuck Thompson (first half) and Chris Schenkel (second half)
1960Green Bay at PhiladelphiaNBCLindsey Nelson (first half) and Ray Scott (second half)
1961New York Giants at Green BayNBCLindsey Nelson (first half) and Chris Schenkel (second half)
1962Green Bay at New York GiantsNBCChris Schenkel (first half) and Ray Scott (second half)
1963New York Giants at ChicagoNBCJack Brickhouse (first half) and Chris Schenkel (second half)George Connor
1964Baltimore at ClevelandCBSKen Coleman (first half) and Chuck Thompson (second half)Frank Gifford
1965Cleveland at Green BayCBS (first NFL Championship Game to be televised in color[1])Ray Scott (first half) and Ken Coleman (second half)Pat Summerall
1966Green Bay at DallasCBSJack Buck (first half) and Ray Scott (second half)Frank GiffordPat Summerall
1967Dallas at Green BayCBSRay Scott (first half) and Jack Buck (second half)Frank GiffordTom Brookshier
1968Baltimore at ClevelandCBSJack BuckPat SummerallTom Brookshier
1969Cleveland at MinnesotaCBSRay ScottPaul ChristmanBruce Roberts



SeasonTeamsNetworkPlay-by-playColor commentator(s)
1964Baltimore at ClevelandCBSJack DreesJim Morse
1965Cleveland at Green BayCBSJack DreesJim Morse
1966Green Bay at DallasCBSJack DreesJim Morse
1967Dallas at Green BayCBSJack DreesJim Morse

Local radio


SeasonTeamsFlagship stationPlay-by-playColor commentator(s)
1964Baltimore at ClevelandWCBM-AM (Baltimore)
WERE-AM (Cleveland)
Frank Messer
Gib Shanley
John Steadman
Jim Graner
1965Cleveland at Green BayWERE-AM (Cleveland)
WTMJ-AM (Green Bay)
Gib Shanley
Ted Moore
Jim Graner
Blaine Walsh
1966Green Bay at DallasWTMJ-AM (Green Bay)
KLIF-AM (Dallas)
Ted Moore
Bill Mercer
Blaine Walsh
Blackie Sherrod
1967Dallas at Green BayKLIF-AM (Dallas)
WTMJ-AM (Green Bay)
Bill Mercer
Ted Moore
Blackie Sherrod
Chuck Johnson


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