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List of islands of Sri Lanka

Updated: 2017-05-07T15:21Z
Bone Island, Batticaloa
17th century Dutch map of Sri Lanka with the Dutch names of the Jaffna islands

This is a list of islands of Sri Lanka. There are number of islands around Sri Lanka. The most prominent islets are west of the Jaffna Peninsula in the Northern Province. These group of islands also had Dutch names during the Dutch colonial period but only a few of those names are still in use today.[1]

The old Prakrit-Pali-Sinhala names, found in the Pali chronicles like the Mahavamsa, have been discussed by toponymists and historians.[2] Although they are infrequently used, we have included them in the table (under notes) due to their touristic and historical interest.

Divisional Secretariat
AmbanttativuNorth WesternPuttalam8°12′40″N 79°46′06″E / 8.21111°N 79.76833°E / 8.21111; 79.768330.17In Puttalam Lagoon


AnalaitivuNorthernJaffnaIslands North (Kayts)9°40′01″N 79°46′32″E / 9.66694°N 79.77556°E / 9.66694; 79.775564.822,200Dutch: Rotterdam, Annelletivo

Sinhala: annaladoova.

Bone IslandEasternBatticaloaManmunai North7°45′12″N 81°41′24″E / 7.75333°N 81.69000°E / 7.75333; 81.690000.02In Batticaloa Lagoon.
Buffalo IslandEasternBatticaloaManmunai North7°41′23″N 81°41′58″E / 7.68972°N 81.69944°E / 7.68972; 81.699445.02In Batticaloa Lagoon.
ChallitivuEasternBatticaloaKoralai Pattu North8°06′40″N 81°27′49″E / 8.11111°N 81.46361°E / 8.11111; 81.463610.09Sinhala: Galdoova
Chirutivu (Sirutivu)NorthernJaffnaIslands South (Velanai)9°38′36″N 80°00′37″E / 9.64333°N 80.01028°E / 9.64333; 80.010280.28Between Mandativu and Jaffna Peninsula.

Sinhala: Hiridoova

Clappenburg IslandEasternTrincomaleeTown & Gravets8°31′50″N 81°12′37″E / 8.53056°N 81.21028°E / 8.53056; 81.210280.05In Koddiyar Bay.
Elephant IslandEasternTrincomaleeTown & Gravets8°31′59″N 81°14′00″E / 8.53306°N 81.23333°E / 8.53306; 81.233330.06In Koddiyar Bay.
EluvaitivuNorthernJaffnaIslands North (Kayts)9°42′03″N 79°48′38″E / 9.70083°N 79.81056°E / 9.70083; 79.810561.40800

Sinhala: Eluvadoova

ErumaitivuNorthernKilinochchiPoonakary9°20′15″N 80°03′20″E / 9.33750°N 80.05556°E / 9.33750; 80.055561.04Sinhala: Mahisadoova
ErumaitivuNorth WesternPuttalam8°16′07″N 79°46′44″E / 8.26861°N 79.77889°E / 8.26861; 79.778890.90In Dutch Bay.

Sinhala: Mahisadoova

Great Sober IslandEasternTrincomaleeTown & Gravets8°32′39″N 81°12′34″E / 8.54417°N 81.20944°E / 8.54417; 81.209440.62Wildlife sanctuary in China Bay.
Henativu/HavativuNorth WesternPuttalam7°58′22″N 79°49′09″E / 7.97278°N 79.81917°E / 7.97278; 79.819170.78In channel between Puttalam Lagoon and Mundal Lagoon.

Sinhala: Haavadoova.

IppantivuNorth WesternPuttalam8°19′49″N 79°48′22″E / 8.33028°N 79.80611°E / 8.33028; 79.806110.76In Dutch Bay.

Sinhala: Ibbandoova.

Iranaitivu NorthNorthernKilinochchiPoonakary9°17′31″N 79°58′54″E / 9.29194°N 79.98167°E / 9.29194; 79.981674.22Dutch: Enkhuizen.

Sinhala: Erandoova.

Iranaitivu SouthNorthernKilinochchiPoonakary9°16′50″N 80°00′04″E / 9.28056°N 80.00111°E / 9.28056; 80.001111.71Dutch Hoorn.

Sinhala: Uoona doova.

KachchatheevuNorthernJaffnaNeduntivu (Delft)9°23′16″N 79°31′37″E / 9.38778°N 79.52694°E / 9.38778; 79.526940.68Pali: Kachchatheetha.

Sinhala: Kachchadoova.

Kakaraitivu IslandNorthernJaffna?Neduntivu (Delft)?9°26′23″N 79°53′14″E / 9.43972°N 79.88722°E / 9.43972; 79.887220.14UninhabitedDutch: Calienye.

Sinhala: Sakkaradoova.

KakkativuNorthernKilinochchiPoonakary9°19′01″N 80°04′51″E / 9.31694°N 80.08083°E / 9.31694; 80.080831.10

Sinhala: Kaakadoova

KalliaditivuNorthernMannar8°56′54″N 79°54′42″E / 8.94833°N 79.91167°E / 8.94833; 79.911671.71

Sinhala: Galadi doova

KanantivuNorthernJaffnaIslands South (Velanai)9°37′33″N 79°51′26″E / 9.62583°N 79.85722°E / 9.62583; 79.857221.22Between Kayts and Pungudutivu.

Sinhala: Kaennadoova.

KaraditivuNorth WesternPuttalam7°54′42″N 79°48′54″E / 7.91167°N 79.81500°E / 7.91167; 79.815000.09In channel between Puttalam Lagoon and Mundal Lagoon.

Sinhala: Karadiva

KaraitivuNorthernJaffnaIslands South (Velanai)9°36′27″N 79°49′48″E / 9.60750°N 79.83000°E / 9.60750; 79.830000.97Adjacent (north) of Pungudutivu.
KaraitivuNorthernJaffnaKaraitivu (Karainagar)9°44′03″N 79°52′33″E / 9.73417°N 79.87583°E / 9.73417; 79.8758322.958,600Dutch: Amsterdam.
KaraitivuNorth WesternPuttalam8°27′45″N 79°47′15″E / 8.46250°N 79.78750°E / 8.46250; 79.78750West of Portugal Bay.
Kayts / VelanaiNorthernJaffnaIslands North (Kayts) atuvan&
Islands South (Velanai)
9°39′09″N 79°54′11″E / 9.65250°N 79.90306°E / 9.65250; 79.9030664.0116,300Named Leiden by Dutch.

Sinhala: Uruthota (Kayts); Bellana (Velanai)

KurikadduvanNorthernJaffnaIslands South (Velanai)9°35′43″N 79°47′40″E / 9.59528°N 79.79444°E / 9.59528; 79.794440.38Adjacent (north west) of Naduturitti.

Sinhala: Kiralakatuvana

Little Sober IslandEasternTrincomaleeTown & Gravets8°32′35″N 81°12′54″E / 8.54306°N 81.21500°E / 8.54306; 81.215000.07Wildlife sanctuary in China Bay.
MandaitivuNorthernJaffnaIslands South (Velanai)9°36′48″N 79°59′44″E / 9.61333°N 79.99556°E / 9.61333; 79.995567.56900

Sinhala: Mandadoova

MannarNorthernMannarMannar Town9°03′10″N 79°49′42″E / 9.05278°N 79.82833°E / 9.05278; 79.82833126.46

Sinhala: Mannaram doopatha

MantivuEasternBatticaloaManmunai North7°42′03″N 81°39′43″E / 7.70083°N 81.66194°E / 7.70083; 81.661940.38In Batticaloa Lagoon.

Sinhala: Maandoova

MantivuNorth WesternPuttalam7°55′57″N 79°49′12″E / 7.93250°N 79.82000°E / 7.93250; 79.820000.50In channel between Puttalam Lagoon and Mundal Lagoon.

Sinhala: Maandoova

MaripututivuNorth WesternPuttalam8°10′33″N 79°44′59″E / 8.17583°N 79.74972°E / 8.17583; 79.749720.10In Puttalam Lagoon.

Sinhala: Maliputhu diva

MarthandEasternBatticaloaKoralai Pattu North8°06′51″N 81°26′34″E / 8.11417°N 81.44278°E / 8.11417; 81.442780.18

Sinhala: Malkadola.

MattutivuNorth WesternPuttalam8°13′02″N 79°47′00″E / 8.21722°N 79.78333°E / 8.21722; 79.783330.12In Puttalam Lagoon.

Sinhala: Maddu doova

NachuvantivuEasternBatticaloaKoralai Pattu7°56′13″N 81°32′18″E / 7.93694°N 81.53833°E / 7.93694; 81.538332.11In Vandeloos Bay.

Sinhala: Naapitadoova.

NaduturittiNorthernJaffnaIslands South (Velanai)9°35′05″N 79°47′54″E / 9.58472°N 79.79833°E / 9.58472; 79.798330.88Adjacent (south west) of Pungudutivu.

Sinhala: Madduriththa

NainativuNorthernJaffnaIslands South (Velanai)9°36′15″N 79°46′04″E / 9.60417°N 79.76778°E / 9.60417; 79.767784.222,700Dutch: Haarlem

Sinhala: Naga Deepa.

NeduntivuNorthernJaffnaNeduntivu (Delft)9°30′48″N 79°41′22″E / 9.51333°N 79.68944°E / 9.51333; 79.6894447.174,200Dutch: Delft.

Sinhala: Maedundoova.

NeduntivuNorth WesternPuttalam8°14′06″N 79°46′45″E / 8.23500°N 79.77917°E / 8.23500; 79.779170.10In Dutch Bay.

Sinhala: Maedundoova.

OddakarentivuNorth WesternPuttalam8°16′37″N 79°45′54″E / 8.27694°N 79.76500°E / 8.27694; 79.765000.20In Dutch Bay.

Sinhala: Uddakadoova.

PalaitivuNorthernJaffnaIslands South (Velanai)9°37′22″N 79°49′10″E / 9.62278°N 79.81944°E / 9.62278; 79.819440.16Adjacent (north) of Pungudutivu.
PalaitivuNorthernKilinochchiPoonakary9°28′39″N 80°00′45″E / 9.47750°N 80.01250°E / 9.47750; 80.012501.81Named Galue by Dutch.

Sinhala: Paludoova.

ParatitivuNorthernJaffnaIslands North (Kayts)9°41′06″N 79°47′32″E / 9.68500°N 79.79222°E / 9.68500; 79.792220.38UninhabitedBetween Analativu and Eluvaitivu.

Sinhal: Sinhala: Paludoova.

Periya ArichchalNorth WesternPuttalam8°17′59″N 79°47′45″E / 8.29972°N 79.79583°E / 8.29972; 79.795830.32In Dutch Bay.

Sinhala: Maha Arakgala.

Periya Kayankerni (Periyawattava)EasternBatticaloaKoralai Pattu7°57′20″N 81°32′20″E / 7.95556°N 81.53889°E / 7.95556; 81.538891.81In Vandeloos Bay.

Sinhala: Kaayamkaenna.

PeriyativuEasternBatticaloaManmunai South West7°38′22″N 81°43′39″E / 7.63944°N 81.72750°E / 7.63944; 81.727500.13In Batticaloa Lagoon.

Sinhala: Mahadoova.

PeriyativuNorth WesternPuttalam7°56′57″N 79°48′58″E / 7.94917°N 79.81611°E / 7.94917; 79.816111.10In channel between Puttalam Lagoon and Mundal Lagoon.

Sinhala: Mahadoova.

Pigeon Island
(Large & Small)
EasternTrincomaleeKuchaveli8°43′20″N 81°12′15″E / 8.72222°N 81.20417°E / 8.72222; 81.204170.01UninhabitedOne of the two marine national parks of Sri Lanka.
PuliyanthivuEasternBatticaloaManmunai North7°42′37″N 81°41′41″E / 7.71028°N 81.69472°E / 7.71028; 81.694721.567,034Batticaloa city

Sinhala: Kotidoova.

PuliyantivuNorthernJaffnaIslands North (Kayts)9°38′52″N 79°46′28″E / 9.64778°N 79.77444°E / 9.64778; 79.774440.44Adjacent (south east) of Analativu.

Sinhala: Kotidoova.

PuliyantivuNorthernMannar8°57′19″N 79°54′01″E / 8.95528°N 79.90028°E / 8.95528; 79.900280.90

Sinhala: Kotidoova.

PullupiddiNorth WesternPuttalam8°11′21″N 79°46′40″E / 8.18917°N 79.77778°E / 8.18917; 79.777780.11In Puttalam Lagoon.

Sinhala: Kotipitiya.

PungudutivuNorthernJaffnaIslands South (Velanai)9°35′08″N 79°50′05″E / 9.58556°N 79.83472°E / 9.58556; 79.8347222.563,600Dutch: Middleburg.

Pali/Sinhala: Punguthdeepa

Round IslandEasternTrincomaleeTown & Gravets?8°30′46″N 81°13′34″E / 8.51278°N 81.22611°E / 8.51278; 81.226110.04In Koddiyar Bay.
SerayativuEasternBatticaloaManmunai West7°39′08″N 81°42′04″E / 7.65222°N 81.70111°E / 7.65222; 81.701110.46In Batticaloa Lagoon.

Sinhala: Seradoova

Sinna ArichchalNorth WesternPuttalam8°17′02″N 79°47′32″E / 8.28389°N 79.79222°E / 8.28389; 79.792220.16In Dutch Bay.

Sinhala: Podi Arakgal.

SiriyativuEasternBatticaloaManmunai Pattu7°38′06″N 81°43′55″E / 7.63500°N 81.73194°E / 7.63500; 81.731940.03In Batticaloa Lagoon.

Sinhala: Seruvadoova.

Thimilathiu westEasternBatticaloa7°42′17.40″N 81°40′37.40″E / 7.7048333°N 81.6770556°E / 7.7048333; 81.6770556Location of SLAF Batticaloa.

Sinhala: Kevuldoova

ThorattapputtiNorthernJaffnaValikamam West (Chankanai)9°44′55″N 79°54′23″E / 9.74861°N 79.90639°E / 9.74861; 79.906390.14Between Karaitivu and Jaffna Peninsula.

Sinhala: Doratumukka.

UdayurputiNorth WesternPuttalam8°10′07″N 79°48′31″E / 8.16861°N 79.80861°E / 8.16861; 79.808610.42In Puttalam Lagoon.

Sinhala: Udukurupoththa.

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