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Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders

Updated: 2016-08-11T22:41Z
Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders
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TeamMinnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders are the official cheer squad for the Minnesota Vikings. The squad performs at every home game at the U.S. Bank Stadium, the home stadium of Minnesota. Before the squad's introduction in 1984, The Vi-Queens (1961–63)[1] and the St. Louis Park High School Parkettes performed (1964–83). In 1984, the MVC were started.[2] The group currently has 35 members.[3] The squad, like other groups in the league, releases a swimsuit calendar annually since 2001.[2][4] The squad also makes off-field appearances at parades, schools, and charity events.[5][6] Like other NFL cheerleading squads, the MVC also has a "Junior Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders" program, which has various divisions: Junior Angel Division is for girls aged 3–5, and Junior Cheerleader Division is for girls aged 6–14.[7] In April, the MVC hosts tryouts at Winter Park.[8][9]



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