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The Pigskin Club of Washington, D.C.

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The Pigskin Club of Washington, D.C., Inc. was founded in 1938 with the goals of "improving relationship between persons interested in the game of football; that there may be given encouragement for good, clean sport; that there may be a more perfect understanding among such persons; and, that there may be mutual benefits and pleasures derived from such association."


Formal organization took place on the evening of Friday, October 7, 1938 at the 12th Street Branch YWCA. Officers elected were: President, Charles B. Fisher; Vice Presidents, Edwin B. Henderson and John R. Pinkett; Secretary George E. Brice and Treasurer, William H. Greene. There were 52 original Charter Members. By the time the organization held its Thirtieth Anniversary Awards Dinner membership had grown to over 500 representative leaders in civic, professional, religious, educational and community action areas of interest in the District of Columbia and ten Atlantic Seaboard States, men primarily concerned with stimulating clean, fair play and DEMOCRACY IN SPORTS at the high school, college and professional level of competition.

The Black Tie, 30th Anniversary Awards Dinner was held on December 9, 1967 at the D.C. Statler-Hilton. Special honored guests that night were; Vice President, Hubert H. Humphrey, Senators, Birch Bayh of Indiana, Edward Brooke of Massachusetts and Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts. Major National Intercollegiate Trophy Winners that night were Leroy Keyes, Purdue University; Granville Liggins, University of Oklahoma; Daryl Johnson, Morgan State University; and John Pont, Indiana University.


During the previous 29 years the Pigskin Club had honored the following National Intercollegiate All-American Football Players:

The National Intercollegiate Football Coaches and Athletic Directors Honored were;

The Pigskin Club has also honored Major League Baseball's Willie Mays and Maury Wills.

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