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  2. General Orders for Sentries - Wikipedia

    Contents. General Orders for Sentries. Orders to Sentry is the official title of a set of rules governing sentry (guard or watch) duty in the United States Armed Forces. While any guard posting has rules that may go without saying ("Stay awake," for instance), these orders are carefully detailed and particularly stressed in the U.S. Navy, U.S ...

  3. Bureau of Fire Protection - Wikipedia

    In 2021, Republic Act No.11589, or the BFP Modernization Act, was enacted into law, mandating the implementation of a ten year program to modernize the BFP. [9] [10] The law also enabled the creation of security and protection units (SPUs) in each regional and city fire station and allowed 14 members at most per SPU to bare firearms.

  4. Bona fide purchaser - Wikipedia

    A bona fide purchaser ( BFP ) – referred to more completely as a bona fide purchaser for value without notice – is a term used predominantly in common law jurisdictions in the law of real property and personal property to refer to an innocent party who purchases property without notice of any other party's claim to the title of that property.

  5. General Order No. 11 (1863) - Wikipedia

    General Order No. 11 is the title of a Union Army directive issued during the American Civil War on August 25, 1863, forcing the abandonment of rural areas in four counties in western Missouri. The order, issued by Union General Thomas Ewing, Jr., affected all rural residents regardless of their allegiance. Those who could prove their loyalty ...

  6. General Order No. 11 (1862) - Wikipedia

    General Order No. 11 was a controversial Union Army order issued by Major-General Ulysses S. Grant on December 17, 1862 during the Vicksburg campaign of the American Civil War. The order expelled all Jews from Grant's military district, comprising areas of Tennessee, Mississippi, and Kentucky. Grant issued the order in an effort to reduce ...

  7. Orders, decorations, and medals of the Philippines - Wikipedia,_decorations,_and...

    Contents. Orders, decorations, and medals of the Philippines. The orders and decorations conferred upon civilians and military personnel in the Republic of the Philippines are listed by orders of precedence. Philippine civilian orders and decorations are conferred by the President of the Philippines in his or her capacity as head of state.

  8. Ten Standard Firefighting Orders - Wikipedia

    The Ten Standard Firefighting Orders are a set of systematically organized rules designed by a USDA Forest Service task force to reduce danger to personnel and increase fire fighting efficiency. [1] [2] They were introduced in 1957 and since then only the numbering changed, in order to make them easier to memorize. [3]

  9. List of United States Army Field Manuals - Wikipedia

    including C 1, 25 July 1952. This manual supersedes FM 100–5, 15 June 1944. This manual supersedes FM 100–5, 15 June 1944. including C 1, 16 September 1942; C 2, 12 November 1942; and C 3, 26 April 1943. These regulations supersede FM 100–5, Tentative Field Service Regulations, Operations, October 1, 1939.