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  2. General Orders for Sentries - Wikipedia

    General Orders for Sentries. Orders to Sentry is the official title of a set of rules governing sentry (guard or watch) duty in the United States Armed Forces. While any guard posting has rules that may go without saying ("Stay awake," for instance), these orders are carefully detailed and particularly stressed in the U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine ...

  3. General Order No. 11 (1862) - Wikipedia

    General Order No. 11 was a controversial Union Army order issued by Major-General Ulysses S. Grant on December 17, 1862 during the Vicksburg campaign of the American Civil War. The order expelled all Jews from Grant's military district, comprising areas of Tennessee, Mississippi, and Kentucky. Grant issued the order in an effort to reduce ...

  4. General order - Wikipedia

    General order. A general order, in military and paramilitary organizations, is a published directive, originated by a commander and binding upon all personnel under his or her command. Its purpose is to enforce a policy or procedure that is not otherwise addressed in applicable service regulations, military law, or public law .

  5. General Board of the United States Navy - Wikipedia

    The General Board of the United States Navy was an advisory body of the United States Navy, somewhat akin to a naval general staff and somewhat not. The General Board was established by general order 544, issued on March 13, 1900 by Secretary of the Navy John Davis Long. The order was officially recognized by Congress in 1916. [1]

  6. United States Navy - Wikipedia

    The United States Navy ( USN) is the maritime service branch of the United States Armed Forces and one of the eight uniformed services of the United States. It is the world's most powerful navy and the largest by tonnage, at 4.5 million tons in 2021 [9] and in 2009 an estimated battle fleet tonnage that exceeded the next 13 navies combined. [10]

  7. Military order (instruction) - Wikipedia

    Military order (instruction) An officer of the Presidential Guard of Zimbabwe giving military commands during a parade. A military command or order is a binding instruction given by a senior rank to a junior rank in a military context. Not all senior ranks in all military forces have the right to give an order to all lower ranks.

  8. United States order of precedence - Wikipedia

    The United States order of precedence is an advisory document maintained by the Ceremonials Division of the Office of the Chief of Protocol of the United States which lists the ceremonial order, or relative preeminence, for domestic and foreign government officials (military and civilian) at diplomatic, ceremonial, and social events within the United States and abroad.

  9. Category:General orders - Wikipedia

    General Orders for Sentries. Special Field Orders No. 64. Special Field Orders No. 67. Special Field Orders No. 120. Special Field Orders No. 15. Special Order 191. Stand Down Order (1947) Category: Military law.