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  2. How to Save for Retirement Without a 401(k)

    A 401 (k) plan participant, meanwhile, can contribute up to $20,500 in 2022, up $1,000 from 2021 limits. What’s more, 401 (k) participants who are 50 or older can add an extra $6,000 catchup...

  3. Turn your $50K salary into a $1M retirement fund - AOL

    “If you’re starting at age 40, you’ll need to be able to put away about $1,300 a month to get to $1 million by age 65 — still assuming a 7% return.”If you start saving at age 20, you could set...

  4. When are Taxes Due? Important 2020 Tax Deadlines and Dates - AOL

    Important Tax Deadlines and Dates. January 15, 2021. 4th-quarter 2020 estimated tax payment due. If you're self-employed or have other fourth-quarter income that requires you to pay quarterly ...

  5. Comparison of 401(k) and IRA accounts - Wikipedia

    Contribution Limits. Employee contribution limit of $20,500/yr for under 50; $27,000/yr for age 50 or above in 2022; limits are a total of pre-tax Traditional 401 (k) and Roth 401 (k) contributions. Total employee (including after-tax Traditional 401 (k)) and employer combined contributions must be lesser of 100% of employee's salary or $58,000 ...

  6. IRA required minimum distributions - Wikipedia

    Required minimum distributions (RMDs) are amounts that U.S. tax law requires one to withdraw annually from traditional IRAs and employer-sponsored retirement plans. In the Internal Revenue Code itself, the precise term is "minimum required distribution". Retirement planners, tax practitioners, and publications of the Internal Revenue Service ...

  7. Roth IRA - Wikipedia

    Married filing separately (if the couple lived together for any part of the year): $0 (to qualify for a full contribution); $0–$10,000 (to be eligible for a partial contribution). The lower number represents the point at which the taxpayer is no longer allowed to contribute the maximum yearly contribution.

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    related to: 2020 solo 401k contribution calculator