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  2. 3M fires back at Trump over order to produce more face masks

    3M also raised concerns over what it said was a request by the administration to stop exporting masks to Canada and Latin American countries, where the company is a critical mask supplier.

  3. 3M Scott Fire & Safety - Wikipedia

    3M Scott Fire & Safety is an American manufacturer of respiratory and personal protective equipment including supplied air and air purifying respirators, compressors, gas detection systems and thermal imaging cameras.

  4. Scotchgard - Wikipedia

    Scotchgard is a 3M brand of products, a stain and durable water repellent applied to fabric, furniture, and carpets to protect them from stains. Scotchgard products typically rely on organofluorine chemicals as the main active ingredient along with petroleum distillate solvents.

  5. 3M computer - Wikipedia

    The first "megapenny" 3M workstation was the Sun-2/50 diskless desktop workstation with a list price of $8,900 in 1986. The original NeXT Computer was introduced in 1988 as a 3M machine by Steve Jobs, who first heard this term at Brown University. Its so-called "MegaPixel" display had just over 930,000 pixels (with 2 bits per pixel).

  6. Standard Interchange Protocol - Wikipedia

    The Standard Interchange Protocol is a proprietary standard for communication between library computer systems and self-service circulation terminals. Although owned and controlled by 3M, the protocol is published and is widely used by other vendors.

  7. Cogent Systems - Wikipedia

    On September 2, 2010, Steven Davidoff Solomon of the New York Times wrote about three of Cogent's shareholders objecting to what they considered 3M's low purchase offer. [6] On December 9, 2016, Gemalto announced they have purchased 3M's Identity Management Business (which includes Cogent Systems, Inc., Document Reader, and Secure Materials ...

  8. Scotch-Brite - Wikipedia

    Scotch-Brite is a line of abrasive products produced by 3M.The product line includes scouring pads and tools for home uses such as dish washing and scrubbing, as well as various types of surfaces for industrial applications, such as discs, belts, and rotating brushes, with varying compositions and levels of hardness.