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  2. This Secret IRS Loophole Lets You Reduce Your Retirement Taxes

    There's a trick amongst financial advisors that's rarely discussed in the public, and it can reduce the tax you pay on 401(k) distributions after retirement. It's called variable life insurance.

  3. 10 Retirement Tax Surprises To Prepare For

    Distributions from traditional IRAs and 401(k) plans are not only fully taxable, but they also carry 10% early withdrawal penalties for money you take out before age 59 1/2.

  4. 20 Lessons You Can Learn From Your Parents’ Retirement

    Today's workers, even those at jobs that come with pension plans, can still learn from that lesson by casting a wider net and creating a strategy that includes more than just a 401(k) payout.

  5. How COVID-19 Changed Retirement for Everyone

    If you’re closing in on retirement and have had a 401(k) account for 30-plus years, you may have gotten used to strong long-term returns. However, 2020 may have cost your 401(k).

  6. The Tax-Filing Mistakes Almost All Retirees Make

    At that point, the government requires you to begin taking distributions from your taxable retirement plans, such as any IRAs or 401(k) plans you participate in.

  7. What Is a QLAC and Should It Be Part of Your Retirement Plan?

    According to Fidelity, you can use a QLAC to defer distributions on some of the money in your 401(k) or IRA beyond the age of 72. That’s because you’re allowed to spend up to $135,000 of ...

  8. 14 Key Signs You Will Run Out of Money in Retirement

    Somebody with $100,000 in a retirement account and terms of 2.5% over 30 years would be paying about $40,000 more in fees over that time than if the fees on their account had been just 1.5%."This ...

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    related to: 401k payouts at retirement