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  2. Nortel - Wikipedia

    [citation needed] Nortel's revenues would be dented by a saturated market and the failure of WorldCom, which was a major customer. [41] [42] [43] At its height, Nortel accounted for more than a third of the total valuation of all the companies listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX), employing 94,500 worldwide, with 25,900 in Canada alone.

  3. Economic policy of the Donald Trump administration - Wikipedia

    The number of unemployed persons jumped from 7.1 million in March 2020 to 23.1 million in April 2020, with the unemployment rate rising from 4.4% to 14.7%. The wider measure of unemployment (U-6) which includes those unemployed but not actively looking for work and those working part time for economic reasons, increased from 8.7% to 22.8%.

  4. List of Frontline (American TV program) episodes - Wikipedia

    A profile of New York's Emergency Children's Service and their efforts to confront child abuse cases. 55: 6 "Down for the Count" Sports: 60 minutes: February 19, 1985 () 306: A look at the world of boxing; the fighters, promoters, and fans who love it; and the critics who want to ban it. 56: 7 "Retreat from Beirut" Foreign affairs: 60 minutes