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  2. Human rights in Venezuela - Wikipedia

    The Massacre of El Amparo was a massacre of 14 fishermen that took place near the village of El Amparo, in Venezuela's western state of Apure, on 29 October 1988. A joint military-police unit claimed the fishermen (who had no police records and were not known to either Venezuelan or Colombian military intelligence) were a group of guerillas who attacked them with guns and grenades, with an ...

  3. Oslo Accords - Wikipedia

    The Oslo Accords are a pair of agreements between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO): the Oslo I Accord, signed in Washington, D.C., in 1993; [1] and the Oslo II Accord, signed in Taba, Egypt, in 1995. [2] They marked the start of the Oslo process, a peace process aimed at achieving a peace treaty based on Resolution 242 and ...

  4. Cuban thaw - Wikipedia

    Thanks, Obama. v. t. e. The Cuban thaw ( Spanish: Deshielo cubano) was the normalization of Cuba–United States relations that began in December 2014 ending a 54-year stretch of hostility between the nations. In March 2016, Barack Obama became the first U.S. president to visit Cuba since Calvin Coolidge, in 1928.

  5. American Revolution - Wikipedia

    The American Revolution was an ideological and political revolution that occurred in British America between 1765 and 1791. The Americans in the Thirteen Colonies formed independent states that defeated the British in the American Revolutionary War (1775–1783), gaining independence from the British Crown, establishing the constitution that created the United States of America, the first ...

  6. Timeline of United States diplomatic history - Wikipedia

    1919 – League of Nations – part of Versailles Treaty; US never joins. 1922 – Washington Naval Conference held in Washington, D.C. concluding in the Four-Power Treaty, Five-Power Treaty, and Nine-Power Treaty; major naval disarmament. 1924 – American-led conference results in the Dawes Plan.

  7. Philip Türje - Wikipediaürje

    Philip from the kindred Türje (Hungarian: Türje nembeli Fülöp), also known as, albeit incorrectly, Philip of Szentgrót (Hungarian: Szentgróti Fülöp; died 18 December 1272) was a Hungarian prelate in the 13th century, who served as Bishop of Zagreb from 1247 or 1248 to 1262, and as Archbishop of Esztergom from 1262 until his death.

  8. Community of Latin American and Caribbean States - Wikipedia

    Proposed. The Community of Latin American and Caribbean States ( CELAC) is a regional bloc of Latin American and Caribbean states thought out on February 23, 2010, at the Rio Group – Caribbean Community Unity Summit, and created on December 3, 2011, in Caracas, Venezuela, with the signature of The Declaration of Caracas.

  9. Fort Loudoun (Tennessee) - Wikipedia

    October 15, 1966. Designated NHL. June 23, 1965. Fort Loudoun was a British fort located in what is now Monroe County, Tennessee. Constructed from 1756 until 1757 to help garner Cherokee support for the British at the outset of the French and Indian War, the fort was one of the first significant British outposts west of the Appalachian Mountains.