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  2. Syria - Wikipedia

    The UNDP announced in 2005 that 30% of the Syrian population lives in poverty and 11.4% live below the subsistence level. Syria's share in global exports has eroded gradually since 2001. The real per capita GDP growth was just 2.5% per year in the 2000–2008 period. Unemployment is high at above 10%.

  3. China - Wikipedia

    China is regarded as one of the world's oldest civilisations. Archaeological evidence suggests that early hominids inhabited the country 2.25 million years ago. The hominid fossils of Peking Man, a Homo erectus who used fire, were discovered in a cave at Zhoukoudian near Beijing; they have been dated to between 680,000 and 780,000 years ago.

  4. List of events named massacres - Wikipedia

    7 Red Shirts attack a black county in South Carolina. February 4, 1880: Lucan Biddulph, Ontario, Canada: Donnelly Massacre: 5 Biddulph Peace Society vigilantes attack two separate locations and kill 5 members of the Donnelly family. No one is ever convicted of the crime. April 2, 1885: Frog Lake, North-West Territories, Canada: Frog Lake Massacre

  5. Political positions of Tulsi Gabbard - Wikipedia

    Venezuela. In the wake of the 2019 Venezuelan presidential crisis, Gabbard said the United States needed to stay out of Venezuela and not get involved in overthrowing Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro. She said Venezuela, not the United States, should choose its government. Domestic policy

  6. 2018 North Korea–United States Singapore Summit - Wikipedia–United...

    The 2018 North Korea–United States Singapore Summit, commonly known as the Singapore Summit, was a summit meeting between North Korean Chairman Kim Jong-un and U.S. President Donald Trump, held at the Capella Hotel, Sentosa, Singapore, on 12 June 2018.

  7. Benjamin Netanyahu - Wikipedia

    Netanyahu was born in 1949 in Tel Aviv. His mother, Tzila Segal (1912–2000), was born in Petah Tikva in the Ottoman Empire's Mutasarrifate of Jerusalem, and his father, Warsaw-born Benzion Netanyahu (né Mileikowsky; 1910–2012), was a historian specializing in the Jewish Golden age of Spain.

  8. United States involvement in regime change - Wikipedia

    The United States signed the U.S.-German peace Treaty in 1921, solidifying the agreements made previously to the rest of the Entente with the U.S. 1917–1920: Austria-Hungary [ edit ] On December 7, 1917, the United States declared war on Austria-Hungary , a monarchy , as part of World War I. [37] Austria-Hungary surrendered on November 3 ...

  9. Salman Rushdie - Wikipedia

    Sir Ahmed Salman Rushdie CH FRSL (/ s æ l ˈ m ɑː n ˈ r ʊ ʃ d i /; born 19 June 1947) is an Indian-born British-American novelist. His work often combines magic realism with historical fiction and primarily deals with connections, disruptions, and migrations between Eastern and Western civilizations, typically set on the Indian subcontinent.