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  2. Adenosine diphosphate - Wikipedia

    Adenosine diphosphate (ADP), also known as adenosine pyrophosphate (APP), is an important organic compound in metabolism and is essential to the flow of energy in living cells. ADP consists of three important structural components: a sugar backbone attached to adenine and two phosphate groups bonded to the 5 carbon atom of ribose .

  3. ADP (company) - Wikipedia

    ADP currently has about 58,000 employees worldwide and its fiscal year 2019 revenues were $14.2 billion. Divisions and spinoffs Broadridge Financial Solutions. In 2007, the ADP Brokerage Service Group was spun off to form Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: BR), removing about $2 billion USD from ADP's total yearly revenue.

  4. ADP-ribosylation - Wikipedia

    ADP-ribosylation is the addition of one or more ADP-ribose moieties to a protein. It is a reversible post-translational modification that is involved in many cellular processes, including cell signaling, DNA repair, gene regulation and apoptosis.

  5. P2Y receptor - Wikipedia

    P2Y receptors are membrane proteins belonging to the class A family of G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs). P2Y receptor proteins display large-scale structural domains typical of GPCRs, consisting of seven hydrophobic transmembrane helices connected by three short extracellular loops and three variably sized intracellular loops; an extracellular N-terminus; and an intracellular C-terminus.

  6. Adenosine triphosphate - Wikipedia

    The inner membrane contains an antiporter, the ADP/ATP translocase, which is an integral membrane protein used to exchange newly synthesized ATP in the matrix for ADP in the intermembrane space. This translocase is driven by the membrane potential, as it results in the movement of about 4 negative charges out across the mitochondrial membrane ...

  7. List of United States Army Field Manuals - Wikipedia

    ADP 3–0 Status FM code Title Order Date Official (or De facto) superseding note Signed by ACTIVE: ADP 3–0 (FM 3–0) ADP 3–0, Unified Land Operations: 10 October 2011: This manual supersedes FM 3–0, dated 27 February 2008 and Change 1, dated 22 February 2011. Raymond T. Odierno: INACTIVE: FM 3–0 (incl. C1)

  8. COPI - Wikipedia

    ADP ribosylation factor (ARF) is a GTPase involved in membrane traffic. There are 6 mammalian ARFs which are regulated by over 30 guanine nucleotide exchange factors (GEFs) and GTPase activating proteins (GAPs). ARF is post-translationally modified at the N-terminus by the addition of the fatty acid myristate.

  9. Vermont releases student-elected snowplow names. Vermont Agency of Transportation workers Joe Ruzzo, Ron Laplante and Seth Kimball, from left, post at the side of "Big Bessie," a snowplow truck ...