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  2. Advanced Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

    advanced adjective ad· vanced əd-ˈvan (t)st 1 : far on in time or course a man advanced in years 2 : being beyond the elementary or introductory level advanced mathematics 3 : being far along in progress or development an advanced civilization a disease in an advanced stage 4 : having changed from a more primitive state found in an ancestor

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    Put 2 periods between the numbers and add a unit of measure: 10..35 lb, $300..$500, 2010..2011

  4. AdvancED

    AdvancED, Measured Progress to Merge. New nonprofit will help educators improve schools and enhance learning for millions of students. Read the press release . Professional Services. Stay up to date with AdvancED’s trainings and workshops. STEM Certification. A research-based recognition for high quality schools and programs.

  5. Advanced Definition & Meaning |

    adjective. placed ahead or forward: with one foot advanced. ahead or far or further along in progress, complexity, knowledge, skill, etc.: an advanced class in Spanish; to take a course in advanced mathematics; Our plans are too advanced to make the change now.

  6. 1. placed ahead or forward: with one foot advanced. 2. beyond the beginning, elementary, or intermediate: a course in advanced mathematics. 3. far or further along in progress, development, or growth. 4. of or embodying modern, enlightened, or liberal ideas: advanced theories of child care.

  7. 357 Synonyms & Antonyms of ADVANCED - Merriam-Webster

    1 as in improved being far along in development an advanced civilization, among the first anywhere to use the plow, developed on the banks of the Nile River thousands of years ago Synonyms & Similar Words Relevance improved evolved higher developed enhanced progressive high refined educated modern late forward new newest enlightened precocious

  8. WORDS RELATED TO ADVANCED ahead adverbin front or advance of advanced advancing along ante antecedently at an advantage at the head before beforehand earlier first fore foremost forward forwards in the foreground in the lead leading on onward onwards precedent precedently preceding previous progressing to the fore avant-garde adjectivecutting-edge

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  11. Advanced Science - Wiley Online Library

    Advanced Materials Technologies; Advanced Optical Materials; Advanced Physics Research; Small; Advanced Biology; Advanced Sustainable Systems; Advanced Therapeutics; Advanced Theory and Simulations; Global Challenges; Macromolecular Rapid Communications; Small Science; Advanced Photonics Research; Advanced NanoBiomed Research; Advanced Energy and Sustainability Research