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  2. List of radio stations in Greece - Wikipedia

    Alpha FM 9,44 2001 News and talk; rebroadcasting with Talk 98.9 from Athens: 94.5 MHz: ERA Sport: 1993 National; sports and talk; fourth station of Greek state radio: 94.9 MHz: Rythmos Patras 2005 Greek pop music; relays of the namesake radio from Athens: 96.3 MHz: Sport FM 96,3 Patras 2004 Sports and talk; rebroadcasting with Sport 94,6 from ...

  3. Kastanofyto - Wikipedia

    Kastanofyto ( Greek: Καστανόφυτο, before 1927: Οσνίτσανη – Osnitsani [2]) is a village and a community in Kastoria Regional Unit, Macedonia, Greece. The village has a folklore museum . In 1945, Greek Foreign Minister Ioannis Politis ordered the compilation of demographic data regarding the Prefecture of Kastoria. [3]

  4. Kastoria - Wikipedia

    Kastoria has 16 local radio stations, 2 TV stations, 5 daily newspapers and 7 weekly ones. The town's airport is named Aristotelis Airport. Landmarks Sts Cosmas and Damian (Anargiroi) church, of 11th century, beside the lake. Kastoria is an important religious centre for the Greek Orthodox Church and is the seat of a metropolitan bishop.

  5. Panagia Koumpelidiki - Wikipedia

    Kastoria. Panagia Koumpelidiki ( Greek: Παναγία Κουμπελίδικη) is one of the oldest churches in Kastoria, Greece and is considered to be both typical and unique. There is no information left on the name of the patron, the architect or the reason for the building of the church. [1] Many opinions exist on the age of the church.

  6. Lefki, Kastoria - Wikipedia,_Kastoria

    The village is located 5 kilometers away from the city of Kastoria. North of it, lies the mountain "Agia Triada" or " Holy Trinity". South of it, lies the river "Ladopotamos". In between the river of Ladopotamos and Zupanista, lies the village of "Orman" or "Kato Lefki" also known as "Lower Lefki". West of it lies the village of Koromilia or ...

  7. Kastoria (regional unit) - Wikipedia

    Kastoria (1) Nestorio (2) Argos Orestiko (3) Prefecture. Kastoria was created as a prefecture (Greek: Νομός Καστοριάς) in 1941. As a part of the 2011 Kallikratis government reform, the regional unit Kastoria was created out of the former prefecture Kastoria. The prefecture had the same territory as the present regional unit.

  8. Metropolis of Kastoria - Wikipedia

    The Metropolis of Kastoria ( Greek: Ιερά Μητρόπολις Καστοριάς) is one of the metropolises of the New Lands in Greece that are within the jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople but de facto are administered for practical reasons as part of the Church of Greece under an agreement between the churches ...

  9. Lithia, Kastoria - Wikipedia,_Kastoria

    Lithia ( Greek: Λιθιά, before 1926: Κομανίτσοβον - Komanitsovon [2]) is a village in Kastoria Regional Unit, Macedonia, Greece . The Greek census (1920) recorded 755 people in the village and in 1923 there were 260 inhabitants (or 30 families) who were Muslim. [3] Following the Greek-Turkish population exchange, in 1926 within ...