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  2. List of Virtua Fighter characters - Wikipedia

    Jeffry McWild (ジェフリー・マクワイルド, Jefurī Makuwairudo) is an Australian Aboriginal fisherman and Pankration practitioner that debuted in the original Virtua Fighter. The most skillful fisherman of his village, he has an engaging personality. He was bested by only one opponent - the giant, eight-meter long, man-eating "Satan Shark".

  3. Simulated reality in fiction - Wikipedia

    The virtual world run by a super computer in the animated series Code Lyoko. Megazone 23: Noboru Ishiguro, Shinji Aramaki 1985-1989 A Japanese cyberpunk anime OVA series created by Noboru Ishiguro and Shinji Aramaki based on a simulated reality of Tokyo controlled by a super computer Memories: Katsuhiro Otomo: 1995

  4. List of A Certain Magical Index characters - Wikipedia

    The main characters of A Certain Magical Index (from top to bottom): Tōma Kamijō, Index (top); Accelerator, Mikoto Misaka, and Shiage Hamazura (bottom) with Academy City (background) The following is a list of characters from A Certain Magical Index light novel, manga and anime series, and its side-story manga and anime series titled A ...

  5. List of Ultimate Muscle characters - Wikipedia

    In the anime, she appears along with Roxanne and Keiko during the Tel Tel Boy fight. Along with her two friends, Tamaki cheers on Team AHO for the majority of the anime and manga. She is the love interest of Terry the Kid. She is the first hostage up for grabs in the Poison Six Pack saga, and is saved Terry the Kid and Jade, with Kid catching ...

  6. Kantai Collection (TV series) - Wikipedia

    Kantai Collection ( Japanese: 艦隊これくしょん, Hepburn: Kantai Korekushon, translated as "Fleet Collection", subtitled as "Fleet Girls Collection"), known as KanColle (艦これ, KanKore) for short, is a 2015 Japanese anime television series created by Diomedéa, based on the game of the same name by Kadokawa Games. The series was ...

  7. Ashita no Joe - Wikipedia

    Ashita no Joe ( Japanese: あしたのジョー, lit. "Tomorrow's Joe") is a Japanese boxing manga series written by Asao Takamori (the alias of Japanese author and illustrator Ikki Kajiwara) and illustrated by Tetsuya Chiba. The story follows a young man named Joe Yabuki and his boxing career as a Bantamweight .

  8. Sentinel (comics) - Wikipedia

    Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, they first appeared in The X-Men #14 (Nov. 1965). Sentinels are programmed to locate mutants and capture or kill them. Though several types of Sentinels have been introduced, the typical Sentinel is three stories tall, is capable of flight, projects energy blasts, and can detect mutants.

  9. Code Monkeys - Wikipedia

    Code Monkeys is an American animated television program by Adam de la Peña. Set in the early 1980s, it follows the adventures of fictional video game company GameaVision. The show ran for two seasons, from 2007 to 2008, on G4 and G4 Canada . Contents 1 Plot 2 Episode structure 3 Characters 4 History 5 Episodes 5.1 Season 1 (2007)