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  2. Apple Park - Wikipedia

    Apple Park is located 1.2 miles (1.9 km) east of the original Apple Campus. Apple has had a presence in Cupertino since 1977, which is why the company decided to build in the area rather than move to a cheaper, distant location. The campus is also next to a contaminated site under Superfund legislation with a groundwater plume.

  3. Big Tech - Wikipedia

    Big Tech, also known as the Tech Giants, Big Four or Big Five, is a name given to the presently four or five largest, most dominant companies in the information technology industry of the United States. The Big Four presently consists of Alphabet , Amazon, Apple, and Meta —with Microsoft completing the Big Five.

  4. Apple Inc. litigation - Wikipedia

    In 2014, Apple settled out of court both an antitrust lawsuit and a related class-action suit regarding cold calling employees of other companies.. iOS Fees Litigation. Cap.A class-action lawsuit was filed in the California Northern District District Court by iOS app developers, alleging that Apple abuses its control of the iOS App Store to require its 30% revenue cut and its US$99 developer fee.

  5. List of mergers and acquisitions by Apple - Wikipedia

    Apple Inc. is an American multinational corporation that designs and manufactures consumer electronics and software products. It was established in Cupertino, California, on April 1, 1976, by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne, and was incorporated on January 3, 1977.

  6. Criticism of Apple Inc. - Wikipedia

    The Danish Consumer Complaints Board reported a fault with Apple's iBook product line and criticized Apple's response to the issue, indicating customer support problems at Apple. In that case, a solder joint between two components fractured after a certain number of computer restarts causing the computer to break down, with most incidents ...

  7. Genius Bar - Wikipedia

    The Genius Bar is a tech support service provided by Apple Inc. inside Apple Stores to support the use of its products and services. The locations provide concierge-style, face-to-face support for customers from "Geniuses" who are specially trained and certified by Apple, with multiple levels of certification depending on the products serviced.

  8. Mršići - Wikipediašići

    Mršići (Cyrillic: Мршићи) is a village in Vlasenica, Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina.. References

  9. Apple M1 - Wikipedia

    Apple M1 is a series of ARM-based systems-on-a-chip (SoCs) ... Initial support for the M1 SoC in the Linux kernel was released in version 5.13 on June 27, 2021.