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  2. Aptos (typeface) - Wikipedia

    Aptos, originally named Bierstadt, is a sans-serif typeface in the neo-grotesque style developed by Steve Matteson. It was released in 2023 as the new default font for the Microsoft Office suite, replacing the previously used Calibri font.

  3. Calibri - Wikipedia

    2002–2005. Date released. 2007. License. Proprietary. Metrically compatible with. Carlito. Calibri ( / kəˈliːbri /) is a digital sans-serif typeface family in the humanist or modern style. It was designed by Luc (as) de Groot in 2002–2004 and released to the general public in 2007, with Microsoft Office 2007 and Windows Vista.

  4. List of typefaces included with macOS - Wikipedia

    New fonts added with macOS 10.13 High Sierra. High Sierra added several system fonts or additional weights of existing system fonts: Charter (Roman, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic, Black, Black Italic) DIN (Alternate Bold, Condensed Bold) Hiragino Kaku Gothic StdN W8. InaiMathi (Bold)

  5. FE-Schrift - Wikipedia

    The correct appearance of the series "R3E" is shown in the bottom row. The FE-Schrift [1] or Fälschungserschwerende Schrift ('forgery-impeding typeface') is a sans serif typeface introduced for use on licence plates. Its monospaced letters and numbers are slightly disproportionate to prevent easy modification and to improve machine readability.

  6. Arial - Wikipedia

    Arial. Arial (also called Arial MT) is a sans-serif typeface and set of computer fonts in the neo-grotesque style. Fonts from the Arial family are included with all versions of Microsoft Windows after Windows 3.1, as well as in other Microsoft programs, [2] Apple's macOS, [3] and many PostScript 3 printers.

  7. List of CJK fonts - Wikipedia

    List of free Japanese fonts; List of free Korean fonts; Free Chinese Font; Free Japanese Font; Free Korean Fonts; Arphic Public License: a free font, licensed by Arphic Technology (in Chinese) 免费中文字体 (in Chinese) 適用於 GNU/Linux 的字型; Japanese Fonts on OSDN; CJKV Fonts on ArchWiki;, Free Chinese Fonts list

  8. Aptos, California - Wikipedia,_California

    Aptos (Ohlone for "The People") is an unincorporated town in Santa Cruz County, California, United States. The town is made up of several small villages, which together form Aptos: Aptos Hills-Larkin Valley , Aptos Village, Cabrillo, Seacliff , Rio del Mar , and Seascape. [3]

  9. File:Aptos.svg - Wikipedia

    Benutzer:Aeroid/Fonts; Aptos (Schriftart) Usage on Aptos (tipografía) Usage on Linéale néo-grotesque; Aptos (police d'écriture) Usage on Aptos (muka taip) Usage on Aptos (lettertype) Usage on Aptos; Usage on Q115923023

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    related to: aptos font download free