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  2. Army Knowledge Online - Wikipedia

    Army Knowledge Online ( AKO) was a web application that provided enterprise information services to the United States Army, joint, and Department of Defense customers. Enterprise services were provided to those customers on both classified and unclassified networks, and included portal, e-mail, directory, discovery, and single sign-on ...

  3. Army Sustainment Resource Portal - Wikipedia

    The Army Sustainment Resource Portal (formerly Sustainment Unit One Stop), found at, is a website that offers links to sustainment resources pertinent to the U.S. Army operational force. It is maintained by the Training Technology Division as part of G-3 Training and Doctrine, Combined Arms Support Command (CASCOM ...

  4. milSuite - Wikipedia

    milSuite is a collection of online applications focused on improving the methods of secure collaboration for the United States Department of Defense. The effort is produced by the U.S. Army PEO EIS MilTech Solutions office with the online suite consisting of five primary applications: milBook, milWiki, milTube, milUniversity and milSurvey.

  5. United States Department of the Army - Wikipedia

    Seal of the Department of the Army. The United States Department of the Army (DA) is one of the three military departments within the Department of Defense of the U.S. The Department of the Army is the federal government agency within which the United States Army (U.S.) is organized, and it is led by the secretary of the Army, who has statutory authority under 10 United States Code ยง 7013 to ...

  6. United States Army Special Operations Command - Wikipedia

    Army Special Forces CSIB. The 1st Special Forces Command (Airborne) is a division-level special operation forces command within the US Army Special Operations Command. The command was established on 30 September 2014, grouping together the Army special forces, psychological operations, civil affairs, and other support troops into a single organization operating out of its new headquarters ...

  7. Defense Manpower Data Center - Wikipedia

    The Defense Manpower Data Center ( DMDC) serves under the Office of the Secretary of Defense to collate personnel, manpower, training, financial, and other data for the Department of Defense. This data catalogues the history of personnel in the military and their family for purposes of healthcare, retirement funding and other administrative needs.

  8. Army CHESS - Wikipedia

    Army CHESS (Computer Hardware Enterprise Software and Solutions) is the main provider of commercial enterprise information technology (IT) solutions, computer software, and hardware for the United States Army. CHESS allows authorized U.S. Army and other Federal Agency commissioners to easily procure a wide array of IT hardware and services ...

  9. Global Combat Support System - Wikipedia

    It replaces SARSS, the standard Army retail supply system interface. Global Combat Support Systems-Marine Corps (GCSS-MC) has updated its capability with its own software development, in-house. Effectiveness. A GAO report estimates that the Army will achieve $11.8 billion in savings and financial benefits. Tablets for GCSS