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  2. Assurance Wireless - Wikipedia

    Assurance Wireless is a telephone service subsidized by the federal Lifeline Assistance program, a government benefit program supported by the federal Universal Service Fund. The service provides to low-income eligible people a free phone, [1] [2] free monthly data, unlimited texting, and free monthly minutes.

  3. Intrusion detection system - Wikipedia

    Wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS): monitor a wireless network for suspicious traffic by analyzing wireless networking protocols. Network behavior analysis (NBA) : examines network traffic to identify threats that generate unusual traffic flows, such as distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, certain forms of malware and policy ...

  4. SunCom - Wikipedia

    SunCom Wireless Holdings, Inc. was a wireless carrier that operated in the Southeastern United States since 1999 and in parts of the Caribbean since 2004. From the ...

  5. Open Mobile - Wikipedia

    The company was established on June 12, 2007, as a relaunch of NewComm Wireless Services (formerly d/b/a Movistar). Its new owners, M/C Partners and Columbia Capital , [1] [2] acquired Movistar's assets for $160 million USD [3] after Movistar filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in December 2006.

  6. Metro by T-Mobile - Wikipedia

    Metro by T-Mobile (formerly known as MetroPCS and also known simply as Metro) is an American prepaid wireless service provider and brand owned by T-Mobile US.It previously operated the fifth largest mobile telecommunications network in the United States using code-division multiple access (CDMA).

  7. Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure - Wikipedia

    Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure (developed under the working title Project Fedora) is the sixth game in the Tex Murphy series of detective adventure games, developed by Big Finish Games and published by Atlus.

  8. Battle of Cocos - Wikipedia

    Emden was a Dresden-class cruiser The light cruiser had a maximum speed of 24.5 knots (45.4 km/h; 28.2 mph). The ship was armed with ten 10.5 cm (4.1 in) SK L/40 guns in single mountings, and carried two torpedo tubes.. Emden was built in Danzig by Kaiserliche Werft Danzig. The ship was laid down on 6 April 1906, launched on 26 May 1908, and commissioned on 10 July 1909. At the time of the ...

  9. Computer network - Wikipedia

    Radio and spread spectrum technologies – Wireless LANs use a high-frequency radio technology similar to digital cellular. Wireless LANs use spread spectrum technology to enable communication between multiple devices in a limited area. IEEE 802.11 defines a common flavor of open-standards wireless radio-wave technology known as Wi-Fi.