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  2. Jericho - Wikipedia

    In mid-1950, Jordan formally annexed the West Bank and Jericho residents, like other residents of West Bank localities became Jordanian citizens. [85] In 1961, the population of Jericho was 10,166, [86] of whom 935 were Christian, the rest Muslim.

  3. Bank of the South - Wikipedia

    The Bank of the South (Spanish: Banco del Sur, Portuguese: Banco do Sul, Dutch: Bank van het Zuiden) or BancoSur is a monetary fund and lending organization established on 26 September 2009 by Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Ecuador, Bolivia and Venezuela with promises of initial capital of US$20 billion.

  4. International law and Israeli settlements - Wikipedia

    Since the occupation of the West Bank in 1967, numerous United Nations resolutions, including 446, 452, 465, 471 and 476 affirm unambiguously that Israel's occupation is illegal, and, since Resolution 446 adopted on 22 March 1979, have confirmed that its settlements there have no legal validity and pose a serious obstacle to peace.

  5. Israeli new shekel - Wikipedia

    The Israeli new shekel (Hebrew: שֶׁקֶל חָדָשׁ ‎ sheqel ẖadash; Arabic: شيكل جديد ‎ šēkal jadīd; sign: ₪; code: ILS), also known as simply the Israeli shekel (Hebrew: שקל ישראלי ‎, Arabic: شيكل إسرائيلي ‎), is the currency of Israel and is also used as a legal tender in the Palestinian territories of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

  6. Ghanaian cedi - Wikipedia

    The Ghanaian cedi ( / ˈsiːdiː / SEE-dee) ( currency sign: GH₵; currency code: GHS) is the unit of currency of Ghana. It is the fourth historical and only current legal tender in the Republic of Ghana. One cedi is divided into one hundred pesewas (Gp). After independence Ghana separated itself from the British West African pound, which was ...

  7. Bank of Scotland - Wikipedia

    The Bank also expanded into consumer credit with the purchase of Chester-based, North West Securities (now Capital Bank). In 1971, the Bank agreed to merge with the British Linen Bank, owned by Barclays Bank. The merger saw Barclays Bank acquire a 35% stake in the Bank of Scotland, a stake it retained until the 1990s.

  8. Currency symbol - Wikipedia

    The modern dollar and peso symbols originated from the mark employed to denote the Spanish dollar, whereas the pound and lira symbols evolved from the letter L (written until the seventeenth century in blackletter type as. L {\displaystyle {\mathfrak {L}}} ) standing for libra, a Roman pound of silver. Newly invented currencies and currencies ...

  9. Deutsche Mark - Wikipedia

    The Deutsche Mark ( German: [ˈdɔʏtʃə ˈmaʁk] ( listen), " German mark "), abbreviated " DM " or " D-Mark " ( [ˈdeːˌmaʁk] ( listen) ), was the official currency of West Germany from 1948 until 1990 and later the unified Germany from 1990 until the adoption of the euro in 2002. In English, it is commonly called the " Deutschmark ...

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