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  2. Sports in Chicago - Wikipedia

    Chicago has been named as the "Best Sports City" by Sporting News three times in 1993, 2006 and 2010. Chicago was a candidate city for the 2016 Summer Olympics but lost to Rio de Janeiro . [1] Chicago also hosted the 1959 Pan American Games , as well as 2006 Gay Games .

  3. Google Search - Wikipedia

    Google Search consists of a series of localized websites.The largest of those, the site, is the top most-visited website in the world. Some of its features include a definition link for most searches including dictionary words, the number of results you got on your search, links to other searches (e.g. for words that Google believes to be misspelled, it provides a link to the search ...

  4. Manhwa - Wikipedia

    Recently, long-running webtoons serialized via Internet portal sites (e.g. by Daum Media), like Lehzin Comics [circular reference], and personal homepages have become both the creative and popular destination among the younger generation in Korea.

  5. YouTube - Wikipedia

    In 2012, more than a third of the U.S. Senate introduced a resolution condemning Joseph Kony 16 days after the "Kony 2012" video was posted to YouTube, with resolution co-sponsor Senator Lindsey Graham remarking that the video "will do more to lead to (Kony's) demise than all other action combined."

  6. Westminster School - Wikipedia

    Westminster School is an historic public school in Westminster, London, England, in the precincts of Westminster Abbey.It derives from a charity school founded by Westminster Benedictines before the 1066 Norman Conquest, as documented by the Croyland Chronicle and a charter of King Offa.

  7. History of Gmail - Wikipedia

    The public history of Gmail dates back to 2004.Gmail, a free, advertising-supported webmail service with support for Email clients, is a product from Google.Over its history, the Gmail interface has become integrated with many other products and services from the company, with basic integration as part of Google Account and specific integration points with services such as Google+, Google ...

  8. Timeline of New York City - Wikipedia

    It breaks out in New York City on June 26, peaks at 100 deaths per day during July, and finally abates in December. More than 3500 people die in the city, many in the lower-class neighborhoods, particularly Five Points. Another 80,000 people, one third of the population, are said to have fled the city during the epidemic.