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  2. Bill Thompson (voice actor) - Wikipedia

    William H. Thompson (July 8, 1913 – July 15, 1971) was an American radio personality and voice actor, whose career stretched from the 1930s until his death.

  3. Talk:Bill Thompson (voice actor) - Wikipedia

    Don Thompson, the brother of Bill Thompson, sent an e-mail stating that his brother initiated the character of the Old Timer in Fibber McGee and Molly whereas our article stated that Cliff Arquette allegedly originated the role. As our claim was weak, it has been removed. Capitalistroadster 06:23, 5 December 2005 (UTC)

  4. Bill Thompson - Wikipedia

    Bill Thompson (technology writer) (born 1960), UK technology writer Bill Thompson (television host) (1931–2014), creator and co-host of the children's television program The Wallace and Ladmo Show Bill Thompson (voice actor) (1913–1971), voice of Droopy Dog Bill Thompson III (1962–2019), editor of Bird Watcher's Digest

  5. Bob Ogle - Wikipedia

    Los Angeles, California, US. Other names. Allen Ogle. Years active. 1942–1984. Robert Allen Ogle (May 28, 1926 – February 25, 1984), known as Bob Ogle, was an American voice actor, animator and writer. Most characters he voiced are performed in the style of Bill Thompson 's character Wallace Wimple from Fibber McGee and Molly .

  6. Droopy - Wikipedia

    bill thompson (1943–1945, 1949, 1951–1958; dumb-hounded, the shooting of dan mcgoo (one line reused from big heel-watha ), señor droopy, out-foxed, the chump champ, daredevil droopy, droopy's good deed, droopy's double trouble, caballero droopy, the three little pups, drag-a-long droopy, homesteader droopy, dixieland droopy, deputy droopy, grin …

  7. Bill Scott (voice actor) - Wikipedia

    Bill Scott (voice actor) - Wikipedia Bill Scott (voice actor) William John Scott (August 2, 1920 – November 29, 1985) was an American voice actor, writer and producer for animated cartoons, primarily associated with Jay Ward and UPA, as well as one of the founding members of ASIFA-Hollywood.

  8. Category:Actors from Terre Haute, Indiana - Wikipedia

    Pages in category "Actors from Terre Haute, Indiana" The following 15 pages are in this category, out of 15 total. ... Bill Thompson (voice actor) V. Hunter von Leer