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  2. Bootstrap (front-end framework) - Wikipedia

    Bootstrap 4. Mark Otto announced Bootstrap 4 on October 29, 2014. The first alpha version of Bootstrap 4 was released on August 19, 2015. The first beta version was released on August 10, 2017. Mark suspended work on Bootstrap 3 on September 6, 2016, to free up time to work on Bootstrap 4. Bootstrap 4 was finalized on January 18, 2018.

  3. Bootstrapping - Wikipedia

    A type of computer simulation called discrete-event simulation represents the operation of a system as a chronological sequence of events. A technique called bootstrapping the simulation model is used, which bootstraps initial data points using a pseudorandom number generator to schedule an initial set of pending events, which schedule additional events, and with time, the distribution of ...

  4. Mobirise - Wikipedia

    Since version 3.0, added some new themes and extension and introduced support for Bootstrap 4. On June 16, 2017, version 4.0 was released, which presented the new core engine, new interface and new default website theme. In May 2018, there was released the updated 4.4 Android version of Mobirise.

  5. Bootstrapping (statistics) - Wikipedia

    The bootstrap sample is taken from the original by using sampling with replacement (e.g. we might 'resample' 5 times from [1,2,3,4,5] and get [2,5,4,4,1]), so, assuming N is sufficiently large, for all practical purposes there is virtually zero probability that it will be identical to the original "real" sample. This process is repeated a large ...

  6. Bootstrap curriculum - Wikipedia

    Bootstrap is based at Brown University (USA), and builds on the research and development done there. Bootstrap curriculum consists of 4 research-based curricular computer science modules for grades 6-12. The 4 modules are Bootstrap:Algebra, Bootstrap:Reactive, Bootstrap:Data Science, and Bootstrap:Physics. Bootstrap materials reinforce core ...

  7. Talk:Bootstrap (front-end framework) - Wikipedia

    Talk:Bootstrap (front-end framework) This article is within the scope of WikiProject Computing, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of computers, computing, and information technology on Wikipedia. If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join the discussion and see a list of open tasks.

  8. Bootstrapping (electronics) - Wikipedia

    Bootstrapping (electronics) In the field of electronics, a technique where part of the output of a system is used at startup can be described as bootstrapping. A bootstrap circuit is one where part of the output of an amplifier stage is applied to the input, so as to alter the input impedance of the amplifier.

  9. Bootstrapping (finance) - Wikipedia

    Bootstrapping (finance) In finance, bootstrapping is a method for constructing a ( zero-coupon) fixed-income yield curve from the prices of a set of coupon-bearing products, e.g. bonds and swaps. A bootstrapped curve, correspondingly, is one where the prices of the instruments used as an input to the curve, will be an exact output, when these ...

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    related to: bootstrap 4