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  2. University of Malaya Medical Centre - Wikipedia

    The University of Malaya Medical Centre ( UMMC) ( Malay: Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya, abbr: PPUM ), [1] formerly known as University Hospital, is a government-funded teaching hospital and medical instructions located in Pantai Dalam, southwest corner of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was established by Statute in September 1962 and is part of ...

  3. University of Malaya - Wikipedia

    The University of Malaya ( Malay: Universiti Malaya; abbreviated as UM or informally the Malayan University) is a public research university located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is the oldest and highest ranking Malaysian institution of higher education, [6] [7] and was the only university in newly independent Malaya. [8]

  4. Working People's Party (Moldova) - Wikipedia's_Party...

    The founding congress of the party was held on 23 April 1998, when the party's program and bylaws were adopted. The Working People's Party took part in the 1999 local elections and 2001 parliamentary elections. Ion Țurcanu became the chairman of the party. [2] It used to be known as the "New National Moldovan Party" ( Noul Partid Național ...

  5. Billie Eilish - Wikipedia

    Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O'Connell ( / ˈaɪlɪʃ / EYE-lish; [2] born December 18, 2001) is an American singer and songwriter. She first gained public attention in 2015 with her debut single "Ocean Eyes", written and produced by her brother Finneas O'Connell, with whom she collaborates on music and live shows.

  6. Presidency of Barack Obama - Wikipedia

    Barack Obama 's tenure as the 44th president of the United States began with his first inauguration on January 20, 2009, and ended on January 20, 2017. Obama, a Democrat from Illinois, took office following his victory over Republican nominee John McCain in the 2008 presidential election. Four years later, in the 2012 presidential election, he ...

  7. Sandra Bullock - Wikipedia

    Sandra Annette Bullock ( / ˈbʊlək /; born July 26, 1964) is an American actress and film producer. She has received several awards and nominations, including an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award. She was the world's highest-paid actress in 2010 and 2014, and was named one of Time ' s 100 most influential people in the world in 2010.

  8. Son Heung-min - Wikipedia

    Son Heungmin. McCune–Reischauer. Son Hŭngmin. IPA. [son hɯŋ.min] Son Heung-min ( Korean: 손흥민; Korean pronunciation: [son.ɣɯŋ.min]; born 8 July 1992) is a South Korean professional footballer who plays as a forward for and captains both Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur and the South Korea national team. [3]

  9. Ais Kosong - Wikipedia

    Running time. 93 minutes. Country. Malaysia. Language. Tamil. Ais Kosong ( transl. Empty ice) is 2016 Malaysian Tamil -language adventure comedy film. It tells the story of three strangers who go on a road trip to Penang together, but accidentally come between two crime gangs. The film was released in Malaysia on 3 March 2016.