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  2. Seattle woman says flight attendant 'humiliated' her over ...

    Antonio Planas. July 12, 2021, 3:57 PM. A Seattle woman said a flight attendant humiliated her mid-flight for trying to dispose of her daughter's dirty diaper in a bathroom garbage bin and later ...

  3. Bowsette - Wikipedia

    Bowsette ( / baʊˈzɛt / bow-ZEHT) or Koopa-hime ( Japanese: クッパ姫, romanized : Kuppa-hime, lit. 'Princess Koopa'), is a fan-made, moe anthropomorphized and gender-swapped version of the Mario franchise character Bowser, in which he is transformed by a power-up to resemble the franchise character Princess Peach.

  4. Bow (position) - Wikipedia

    Bow side. Bow side refers to the starboard side of the boat which is on the right hand side of a cox facing forwards but on the left-hand side of a rower facing backwards. The usage derives from the tradition of having the bow rower's oar be on the starboard or right side of the boat. In Cornish pilot gigs, the bow rower's oar is on the port ...

  5. Talk:Terminal ballistics - Wikipedia

    A bullet which impacts the spine or cranium and punches through will likely cause instant unconsciousness, followed by death due to blood loss or neurological damage. If it hits the spine or cranium and stops, it still likely causes enough blunt trauma to knock out, stun, or paralyze the target.

  6. Mario Batali - Wikipedia

    Mario Francesco Batali (born September 19, 1960) is an American chef, writer, and restaurateur.Batali co-owned restaurants in New York City; Las Vegas; Los Angeles; and Newport Beach, California; Boston; Singapore; Westport, Connecticut; and New Haven, Connecticut.