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  2. BBC News - Wikipedia

    BBC News is an operational business division of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) responsible for the gathering and broadcasting of news and current affairs. The department is the world's largest broadcast news organisation and generates about 120 hours of radio and television output each day, as well as online news coverage.

  3. Burglary - Wikipedia

    Burglary, also called breaking and entering and sometimes housebreaking, is the act of entering a building or other areas without permission, with the intention of committing a criminal offence. Usually that offence is theft , robbery or murder , but most jurisdictions include others within the ambit of burglary.

  4. News - Wikipedia

    In modern times, printed news had to be phoned into a newsroom or brought there by a reporter, where it was typed and either transmitted over wire services or edited and manually set in type along with other news stories for a specific edition. Today, the term "breaking news" has become trite as commercial broadcasting United States cable news ...

  5. Foreign hostages in Iraq - Wikipedia

    Members of the Iraqi insurgency began taking foreign hostages in Iraq beginning in April 2004. Since then, in a dramatic instance of Islamist kidnapping they have taken captive more than 200 foreigners and thousands of Iraqis; among them, dozens of hostages were killed and others rescued or freed.

  6. List of doping cases in athletics - Wikipedia

    Kenya: Marathon 2014 EPO: 2 years Agatha Jeruto Kimaswai Kenya: Middle distance 2015 Norandrosterone: 4 years Olivera Jevtić Yugoslavia: Long distance 2002 Ephedrine: Public warning and disqualification from the 2002 New York City Marathon Antonio David Jiménez Spain: Steeplechase 2014 Possession of a prohibited substance 3 years

  7. Jomo Kenyatta - Wikipedia

    Jomo Kenyatta (c. 1897 – 22 August 1978) was a Kenyan anti-colonial activist and politician who governed Kenya as its Prime Minister from 1963 to 1964 and then as its first President from 1964 to his death in 1978.

  8. Meg Whitman - Wikipedia

    Early life and education. Whitman was born in Cold Spring Harbor, New York, the daughter of Margaret Cushing (née Goodhue) and Hendricks Hallett Whitman, Jr. Her patrilineal great-great-great-grandfather, Elnathan Whitman, was a member of the Nova Scotia House of Assembly.

  9. Witchcraft - Wikipedia

    Witchcraft traditionally means the use of magic or supernatural powers to harm others. A practitioner is a witch.In medieval and early modern Europe, where the term originated, accused witches were usually women who were believed to have attacked their own community, and often to have communed with evil beings.