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  2. Giggling woman flashes her breasts during reporter's live shot

    Election news coverage can get a little mundane at times, but one woman's bold move gave a reporter's story a whole new level of spice. SEE ALSO: 'Meanest mom ever' teaches her kids a hard lesson ...

  3. History of Tanzania - Wikipedia

    The African Great Lakes nation of Tanzania dates formally from 1964, when it was formed out of the union of the much larger mainland territory of Tanganyika and the coastal archipelago of Zanzibar. The former was a colony and part of German East Africa from the 1880s to 1919’s when, under the League of Nations, it became a British mandate.

  4. Culture of Tanzania - Wikipedia

    Literature [ edit] Tanzania's literary culture is primarily oral. Major oral literary forms include folktales, poems, riddles, proverbs, and songs. [10] : page 69 The greatest part of Tanzania's recorded oral literature is in Swahili, even though each of the country's languages has its own oral tradition.

  5. John Magufuli - Wikipedia

    The last official data on the coronavirus in Tanzania, under President Magufuli, was published in late April 2020. [79] [12] Magufuli had dismissed the head of the national laboratory, and the distribution of non-governmental information on the spread of the virus had become a crime. [81]

  6. Kingunge Ngombale–Mwiru - Wikipedia–Mwiru

    Kingunge Ngombale–Mwiru Kingunge Ngombale–Mwiru (30 May 1930 [2] [3] [4] – 2 February 2018 [5]) was a veteran Tanzanian politician, who died on 2 February 2018. Kingunge was regarded as one of the comrades who endured sacrifices for the independence of Tanganyika (Tanzania Mainland), The United Republic of Tanzania.

  7. Mohammed Dewji - Wikipedia

    Mohammed "Mo" Gulamabbas Dewji (born 8 May 1975) is a Tanzanian billionaire businessman and former politician. He is the owner of MeTL Group, a Tanzanian conglomerate founded by his father in the 1970s. Dewji served as Member of the Tanzanian Parliament for Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) from 2005 to 2015 for his home town of Singida.

  8. Pan African Universities Debating Championship - Wikipedia

    t. e. Pan African Universities Debating Championship (PAUDC) is the biggest Intercollegiate Debate Championship on the African Continent established in 2008 by the University of Botswana Debate Masters Association. It is a platform that affords students from all universities within the continent to discuss issues of Africa and beyond.

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    related to: breaking news in tanzania