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  2. Sport in Kenya - Wikipedia

    Sport is an important element of Kenyan culture.Various indigenous traditional sports have prevailed in Kenyan culture from its earliest history. Some of the traditional games and sports prevalent in Kenya since antiquity have included wrestling, racing exercises, stick fights, hunting (using spears and arrows), board games, bull fights and dances.

  3. Burglary - Wikipedia

    Burglary, also called breaking and entering and sometimes housebreaking, is the act of entering a building or other areas without permission, with the intention of committing a criminal offence. Usually that offence is theft , robbery or murder , but most jurisdictions include others within the ambit of burglary.

  4. Hong Kong Marathon - Wikipedia

    Standard Chartered era Standard Chartered Bank stepped in as a title sponsor for the 1997 race and it garnered a field of 1,000 runners. [7] The relaunch of the race saw increased participation from top-level East African runners – the men's race has been won by either a Kenyan or Ethiopian runner for all but two years from 1997 to 2012.

  5. Victor Wanyama - Wikipedia

    Victor Mugubi Wanyama (Kenyan English: [wɑˈɲɑːmɑ] (); born 25 June 1991) is a Kenyan professional footballer who plays as a defensive midfielder for Major League Soccer club CF Montréal.

  6. Jomo Kenyatta - Wikipedia

    Jomo Kenyatta (c. 1897 – 22 August 1978) was a Kenyan anti-colonial activist and politician who governed Kenya as its Prime Minister from 1963 to 1964 and then as its first President from 1964 to his death in 1978.

  7. Watergate scandal - Wikipedia

    Within hours of the burglars' arrests, the FBI discovered E. Howard Hunt's name in Barker and Martínez's address books. Nixon administration officials were concerned because Hunt and Liddy were also involved in a separate secret activity known as the "White House Plumbers", which was established to stop security "leaks" and investigate other sensitive security matters.

  8. Lethal injection - Wikipedia

    Lethal injection dosage: 100 milligrams; Pancuronium bromide (Trade name: Pavulon): The related drug curare, like pancuronium, is a non-depolarizing muscle relaxant (a paralytic agent) that blocks the action of acetylcholine at the motor end-plate of the neuromuscular junction.

  9. Boston Marathon - Wikipedia

    On April 18, 2011, Geoffrey Mutai of Kenya won the 2011 Boston Marathon in a time of 2:03:02:00. Although this was the fastest marathon ever run at the time, the International Association of Athletics Federations noted that the performance was not eligible for world record status given that the course did not satisfy rules that regarded elevation drop and start/finish separation (the latter ...